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Tim Hortons Scrapping Roll Up the Rim Paper Cups Amid COVID-19 Fears
Yesterday, March 7th, Tim Hortons announced further changes to this year's Roll Up The Rim Promotion, amid COVID-19 fears.When this news broke, there was some initial confusion. Some guests ...
Tim Hortons to Stop Filling Reusable Cups + Changes to Roll Up The Rim
It doesn't matter if you're watching TV, reading news articles or scrolling through social media - COVID-19 is EVERYWHERE.While the threat of contracting the virus in Canada remains low, ...
Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 2020 Goes Digital + 1.8 Million Free Reusable Cups
The news we've been waiting for has finally gone public - we have the details of the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 202 campaign - and its gunna be HUGE!After 35 years of the classic design, Tim ...
Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim 2020
Promotions & sales almost always happen in a cycle. After a few years, it become easy to predict when things are going to happen in the retail world.One of the "givens" for every February is ...
Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest 2017
This is a big year for Canada - we're turning 150!And Tim Hortons is celebrating with your favourite promotion - RRRoll Up the Rim To Win!This year, there are MILLIONS of prizes to be won ...
Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim is BACK!
It's a Canadians favourite time of year - Tim Horton's Roll Up The Rim is BACK!Starting February 2nd, those magical cups from Timmies will start flying out drive-through windows & over ...

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