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Get 2 FREE Boxes of Catelli Smart Pasta
Pasta is a household staple for many of us. Personally, we have some sort of pasta almost every week.So when the opportunity to stock up arises, we take advantage!And this week at No Frills, ...
Catelli Smart Pasta Coupon
Everyone loves a delicious plate of pasta - it's comfort food.But if you're trying to reduce carbs and/or increase veggies in your diet, pasta maybe isn't the best choice.Unless you switch ...
Catelli Turmeric Pasta Coupon
Turn your next meal to gold!Catelli's latest creation, Catelli Turmeric is made with just 2 simple, all-natural ingredients - 100% Canadian Wheat & turmeric!For a limited time, you can claim ...
Catelli Real Life Awards Contest
Life isn't easy and some days you deserve an award just for making it to bed time!Catelli understands that sometimes we need a little recognition for small victories!Watch the Catelli ...
Family Rated – Catelli Pasta
In a household full of people with different preferences, quite often the one meal everyone can agree on is pasta!Fun noodles, delicious sauces and all of your favourite additions make for a ...
Catelli Express Coupon
Pasta is a household favourite. It's delicious and full of nutrition but can take forever to prepare.But now you can quicken up your pasta game with Catelli!Claim this new coupon and save ...
Catelli Supergreens Pasta Coupon
Getting your greens has never been easier thanks to Catelli!Catelli SuperGreens™ is the ultimate veggie pasta. Made from 100% Canadian wheat and the super-goodness of spinach, zucchini, broccoli ...
Catelli Bistro & Smart Product Coupons
Get the most out of the last few weeks of summer!With a month left of sunshine, there is still time to throw a BBQ with Catelli Pasta Salads!Claim these new coupons and save on Catelli ...
Catelli Bistro Pasta Coupon
Fresh flavours & delicious pasta are sure to be the perfect compliment to any dish this summer - hot or cold!Claim this new coupon and save $1 off the purchase of any 2 Catelli Bistro ...
Catelli’s 150th Anniversary Contest
Along with Canada celebrating it's 150th - Catelli is celebrating the same milestone!For 150 years Catelli has been bringing Canadian families together for dinner.Enter for your chance to win ...

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