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January 14, 2022
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Enjoy a flame-grilled burger topped the way you want, at a price you’ll love! New Canadian Harveys Coupons are available!

Harvey’s is committed to Canadian Quality and uses only 100% Canadian beef, Chicken, Potatoes and Bacon! That commitment spreads to helping you save money with coupons & special offers.

Quite regularly throughout the year, Harveys Coupons become available in the mail and online. The mail to home coupons may be different from the ones available online.

Did you know? If you are a CAA member, you can show your membership card to save 10% off regular priced items. 

Depending on where you live in Canada, the savings & offers available may vary, but are generally pretty close from province to province.

Take a look at the updated list below to see what offers are available now.

harveys coupons

Harveys Coupons & App Discounts 2022

Save money on your next trip to Harvey’s with coupons & discounts. These coupons will sometimes be available online, while others are sent out in the mail.

Download the Harveys Mobile App onto your mobile device to redeem coupon codes.

You will be required to create an account for this app. Use the Harvey’s coupon codes below when ordering through the app, for special discounts and savings. 

Current Harvey's Coupons


  • $7.49 Chicken Nugget Meal Deal (CODE: HAR047) Get 6 Nuggets, Dipping Sauce, Regular Side & 20 oz Soft Drink
  • $15.99 20pc Nuggets & 4 dipping sauces (CODE: HAR057)
  • Four Can Dine for $24.99 (CODE: HAR062) Four Regular Combos; Original or Veggie Burgers.
  • Premium Four Can Dine for $29.99 (CODE: HAR063) Four Premium Combos; 1/4lb Angus, Double Original, Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.
  • Jr Burger + Nuggets Snack Pack $7.49 (CODE: HAR067) Choice of Jr. Burger, Jr. Buffalo or Jr. Crispy + 4pc Nuggets and regular side.
  • $9.99 Angus Bacon Cheeseburger Meal Deal (CODE: HAR065) 1/4lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with regular side & 20 oz Soft Drink.
  • Premium 2 Can Dine for $14.99 (CODE: HAR003) Get 2 Angus, Double Original, Crispy, Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combos
  • 2 Can Dine for $11.99 (CODE: HAR006) Get 2 Original, Veggie, Fish Sandwich or Hot Dog Combos
  • $8.99 Hot Dog Snack Pack (CODE: HAR068) Hot Dog, 4pc Nuggets & regular side
  • $8.99 Original Cheese & Bacon Meal Deal (CODE: HAR069) Original Burger with cheese & bacon, regular side + 20 oz soft drink.
  • $7.79 Angus Meal Deal (CODE: HAR004)
  • $6 Jr. Snack Pack (CODE: HAR045) 2 Jr. Burgers (Jr. Burger, Jr. Crispy or Jr. Buffalo) + 1 regular Side (fries, onion rings or side salad)
  • $7.99 Chicken Sandwich Meal Deal (CODE: HAR005) Crispy, Buffalo or Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combos
  • LATE NIGHT OFFER: $3.99 Jr. Burger Meal Deal after 8pm (CODE: LN02)
  • LATE NIGHT OFFER: $3.99 Poutine & a Drink after 8pm (CODE: LN01)

These codes and coupons are valid until February 7, 2022.

Harveys Special Offers

For a limited time only, you can take advantage of these special offers from Harveys. Don’t miss out though, because when they’re gone – they’re gone!

2 for $7 Burgers

Your favourite deal is back at Harvey’s!

Choose any 2 flame-grilled Original or Veggie Burgers for only $7. Taxes, cheese & bacon extra.

Valid for a limited time only.

NEW Buffalo Chicken Nuggets & Sandwich

Spicy meets Saucy with these new features from Harvey’s!

For a limited time, get a spicy twist on your favourites with Buffalo Chicken Nuggets & Sandwiches.

Get a $3 Burger From Harvey's

harveys coupon

Enjoy Harvey’s your way with the Harvey’s Mobile App!

Plus, when you place your first order using the Harvey’s App you can get an Original or Veggie Burger for only $3! Use Harvey’s Coupon Code 3BURGER at checkout.

Exclusive to mobile app orders for drive-thru or in restaurant pick-up.

This offer is valid for a limited time only.

How To Get Harveys Coupons

There are three different ways that you can participate in the current Harveys coupons and deals.

  • Harveys Mailer Coupons Check your mailbox regularly for a new printed sheet of savings. Harveys sends out these special offers more frequently then some other restaurants, which is nice.
  • Harveys Digital Coupons Visit their website and download the Harveys coupons PDF to print them at your home or office.
  • Harveys Mobile App Download the Harveys app on your cell phone to access the digital coupons. You will need to show the coupon on your mobile device when ordering.

The coupons available on each of these platforms may not all be the same. Be sure to check all resources to get the best deal on your burger and fries.

How To Redeem Harveys Coupons

If you’re craving a juicy burger and fries, its the perfect time to redeem your coupons! There are several ways how you can do so. Before ordering, ensure that the item(s) you want are valid for the coupons you plan to use.

  • At the till Head into the restaurant and place your order at the counter. Present your coupon to the cashier as you order.
  • At the Drive-thru If you would rather stay in your vehicle, you can still use your coupons in the Harveys drive-thru. It is important to let your server know before ordering that you have a coupon. 

Other Harveys Offers

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January 14, 2022

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