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October 20, 2021

The Vachon Market Rewards Program is a platform designed for true Vachon fans.

When you’re craving a sweet snack, do you reach for Vachon?

Do you dream of being dressed in Vachon gear from head to toe?

It sounds like you are a perfect fit for the Vachon Market – a place for true Vachon fans, like you!

Create an account and participate in tasks, challenges & games to earn Joy Bucks. Then, redeem your Joy Bucks for Rewards including merchandise, free products and more. Plus, get exclusive access to special contests!

Earn Joy Bucks

Earning Joy Bucks is easy! You get 20 Bucks just for signing up!

Complete challenges, upload grocery receipts & play games to earn points. Some are one-time earners, while others are daily or weekly.

Redeeming Joy Bucks

Start racking up those Joy Bucks because the Vachon Market holds some amazing treasures!

Some of the rewards you can earn are:

  • Sticker Sheet – 120 Joy Bucks
  • Temporary Tattoos – 120 Joy Bucks
  • Tote Bag – 480 Joy Bucks
  • Free Box of Vachon Cakes – 480 Joy Bucks
  • Socks – 840 Joy Bucks
  • T-Shirt – 1560 Joy Bucks
  • Cap – 2400 Joy Bucks

Keep in mind, reward quantities are limited. So the faster you earn, the quicker you can claim the reward you’ve been eyeing.

Vachon Market Contest

Another perk of being a part of the Vachon Market is access to exclusive contests.

There are currently no contests available, but keep an eye out!


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October 20, 2021

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