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July 24, 2020

Take part in Shopper Army Missions and you can try products for free or at deeply discounted prices.

Missions specifications vary, so be sure to read the details for each offer thoroughly.

There are two different types of missions available:

  • Rebate Missions: purchase the product in-stores or online and receive a rebate/refund for a pre-determined value (usually full-price rebate) once your review is complete
  • Apply to Try: selected participants will have free products shipped to their home in exchange for a review

Missions are only open to registered members of Shopper Army.

Below are the currently available Shopper Army Missions.

Try Tetley Cold Infusions for Free

tetley cold infusions

A tasty new Product Testing Opportunity is available from Shopper Army!


We all know getting enough water is important to our overall health, especially in the summer.

But with so many fun flavours out there, why would you want boring old water?! NEW Tetley Cold Infusions is a line of herbal infusers created to be brewed in cold water for big flavour!

Log into your Shopper Army account and complete the Apply To Try Tetley Infusions survey.

If you qualify, follow these steps to receive a FULL VALUE Rebate:

1.Once qualified, a list of available Tetley Cold Infusions missions will be shown. From this list, select only one mission you’re interested in trying
2.You will have only 3 days to purchase the product
3. Purchase the product from Walmart– online or in-store
4.Ensure you purchase the correct product. It needs to exactly match the product in the mission, including the size to qualify for the rebate
5.Verify your purchase with Shopper Army
7.Once you’ve purchased the product, you will have 10 days to try it and provide your review
8.If you love the product, share your product experience on social media!
9.Share and Post your feedback on the product page (link will be provided in the survey)
10.Get a full product rebate in your Shopper Army account!

Tip: As missions expire or get rejected, this opens up the quota and the missions will re-appear on the screener’s available list – so check back often!

I was offered the choice of:

  • Mint, Lemon & Cucumber Flavour
  • Raspberry & Cranberry Flavour
  • Strawberry & Watermelon Flavour

Registration open for a limited time only.


Apply To Try Pampers Ninjamas

Shopper Army has an exciting new product testing opportunity.

Shopper Army is giving members the opportunity to try NEW Pampers Ninjamas nighttime underwear + get a chance to win $50!

Log in to your Shopper Army Account and complete the Pampers Ninjamas Apply To Try Survey to qualify.

Those selected will be notified via email and have their product shipped to their home.

Registration is open for a limited time only.


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July 24, 2020

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