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March 30, 2020

Most of us have heard of Micellar cleansers before, or already use them as part of our regular beauty routine. But Dial Pure Micellar Hand Washes are changing things up!

When you hear the term Micellar, you likely think of gentle but effective cleansers for removing dirt and makeup from our faces. But what about your hands? Shouldn’t they be treated to the same treatment?

After all, we do use our hands A LOT and they should be cared for with the same level of attention you give your face.

Dial Pure Micellar Foaming Hand Washes is the perfect solution! Made with no parabens, silicones or phthalates, your hands are left clean and hydrated without any harsh chemicals or additives. Not to mention, Dial uses 50% recycled plastic in their packaging so its good for you and for the environment.

ChickAdvisor has teamed up with Dial to give members the chance to try Dial Pure Micellar Hand Washes for free!

Log into your ChickAdvisor account (or sign up, it’s free!) and apply for your chance to be selected for this product testing opportunity.

The toughest part will be deciding if you want to try the Juniper or Hyacinth scent! Both are such clean, spring-y cents it will be a hard choice!

You have until April 5, 2020 to apply for this campaign.

Those selected will be notified via email the week of April 6th.

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March 30, 2020

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