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March 19, 2021

Depend is offering Canadians your choice of FREE SAMPLE to try at home!

Don’t let bladder leakage stop you from doing the tings you love!

Living with urinary incontinence takes strength, resilience and the right protection.

Depend offers a wide assortment of products for both men & women to help you stay confident and protected.

Knowledge is power, and finding the right bladder protection products is vital.

That’s why Depend is offering Free Sample Kits for Men & Women to try their products first hand.

Sign up and request to receive your choice of sample kit.
WOMEN: Includes 1x Silhouette Brief (max absorbency), 1x Depend Underwear (max absorbency) and $5 off Coupon
MEN: Includes 1 x Guards (max absorbency), 1x Real-Fit Brief (max absorbency), 1x Depend Underwear (max absorbency) and $5 off Coupon

Limit 1 sample pack per person.

Valid while supplies last.


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March 19, 2021

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