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Big Update to Checkout 51


Woo! Do I ever have some exciting news for you on this Thursday morning!

Checkout 51 has just released a new update – and there is a key special feature. You can now redeem some offer MORE THAN ONCE!

Yup – that’s right. The one thing we’ve been lacking (and dreaming about) from Checkout 51 is finally here!! I’m so excited!

Starting this week, you can save multiple times on some of the rebates. Here’s how:


1. Make sure your app is up-to-date by downloading the latest version onto your mobile device
2. Tap into an offer to see how many times you can claim it
3. When uploading, select the amount you’d like to claim
4. You’ll earn Cash Back on them all!

I’m so excited about this update – I can see the savings stacking up already!

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