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June 11, 2015

After much thought, consideration and number crunching, I have made a difficult decision.

Effective immediately, we will no longer be publishing the weekly Coupon Price Match-Ups.

Now before you get too upset, let me tell you, I WILL still be posting hot shopping deals, it’s just going to be a little different.

In the past, I’ve always published a lengthy list of ALL of the Match-Ups for the week. Each and every week, I do the Match-Ups on my own. I have no help and it takes HOURS of work. Unfortunately, there just isn’t the same demand for a list that extensive anymore. So to make things easier on you and me, we will be making the switch to posting only individual deal posts (you may have seen this popping up here recently).

These individual postings will allow us to highlight particularly great deals & freebies, more complicated deals involving Price Matching, multiple products etc. The single posts will be better suited to help new comers learn the ropes & help veterens hone in more effectively on the deals they are after. It also allows us to more easily add / remove deals as the rebates / available coupons change throughout the week.

We genuinely feel this is a more effective and user friendly way to get the deals from us to you!

I apologize in advance to all who do use the Weekly Match-Ups regularly but as times change, so must we <3

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June 11, 2015
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