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There is a Hidden Walmart Coupon Portal!

To access coupons on this portal, you MUST make an account separate from either your existing account or Walmart account.

All of the coupons on this portal, while they may be similar, are separate from the coupons found on

There are even occasionally Walmart Exclusive Coupons found here.

MORE: Tasty Rewards Coupon Portal

The current coupons on this portal are:

$1.00 off Boogie Wipes
$1.00 off Kandoo Wipes
$0.50 off Shirrif Butter Tart Filling Mix

These coupons may be available via mail, print or both.

If you are new to the Walmart Coupon Portal, you will need to make a NEW ACCOUNT! Your regular and/or Walmart logins will not work!

Deal Score+73
  1. Just wanted to let you know this isn’t quite true. It is connected with however it is NOT a hidden portal. There is a link complete with these coupons available on the homepage for =)

  2. Does any one know if you have to have a different account to order these coupons or can you do so with your account.


  3. This link doesn’t take you to any coupons!

  4. By the comments this is a old post, no wonder it doesn’t take you to the coupons listed!

  5. it wint accept my password for i opened on another tab still wont get coupons?

  6. What did you think I did?! I hit the go to offer and it takes you to a walmart page and no coupons are there just a yellow column down the page!!
    So it doesn’t work and when I go to the coupons ARE NOT THERE!
    And most people want to be talked to like their a moron!

  7. Oh couldn’t take a negative comment

  8. Still doesn’t work! And I hit the purple go to offer button!

    • I’m not entirely sure what your problem is but no, I don’t really appreciate you leaving nasty comments on my site. The offer works fine – works fine for me and the hundreds of other people who accessed it.
      Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps? Are you on mobile or desktop? Have you tried using a different browser? Have you tried deleting your cookies / cache? Maybe you have a pop-up blocker that is blocking the i-frame from loading on the Walmart site? Maybe you could try contacting Walmart or directly regarding your issues instead.

      Best of luck!

  9. My comments weren’t nasty, I was stating the that it didn’t work!

  10. Just like this used to be my favorite site to go to!

  11. Heather…. you need to sign in to your account to see the coupons… its works for everyone else…

  12. For everyone’s information at the date and time of my previous comments it didn’t work for me. So it’s time to move on and get over it , I have !
    Just like a new post really shouldn’t have the previous comments. It’s a little tacky!

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