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How to Refill A Lysol Hand Soap Dispenser


I’m sure many of us have a Lysol Hand Soap Dispenser around the house.  There were thousands given away by Lysol a few months ago and you can buy them super cheap with the $5 coupon that is available. They are great to have, especially in the kitchen! But the problem with these dispensers is once you have run out of soap it costs $5 or so for a refill!

I work around that issue by refilling my soap dispensers with a less expensive soap and it works perfectly. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can do this too!

Step 1

For this step you will need your empty soap dispenser, a butter knife and your favourite brand of liquid soap to refill it.

Step 2

Use the butter knife to pry up each of the sides of the soap container. It may take a little force but it will come off. The first side is a little more difficult but the second side should pop right up. There are 2 clips that hold the lid in place. It is best to pop up the lid from the sides not front and back to avoid breaking these clips.

Step 3

Refill the container with your soap

Step 4

Press the lid firmly back into place. Again, it may take a little force but shouldn’t be difficult to do.

Step 5

Re-insert your refilled cartridge back into the dispenser!

That’s all there is to it! I’ve refilled my containers a few times already without any issue 🙂