Canadian Coupons

How To Get Canadian Coupons

Where do I start?
Getting the coupons is the easy part!
When just starting out you need to build your coupon collection. There are several differnt ways to collect coupons. Here is where we will tell you all the places to find coupons.
Mail Out Coupon Distributers
The big names in couponing…
There are 4 main mail out coupon distributers in Canada. Below are links to all 4 of them. Each of these sites provides coupons for a wide variety of products.Each of these sites require you to register with them in order to receive coupons. Registration and distribution are both completely free! Once you are registered you can browse through and select any available coupons. These coupons are then mailed directly to you.An important thing to note is that these sites (with the exception of have a minimum coupon requirement. This means that you must be the minimum number of coupons in order to make a request. So keep that in mind when ordering your coupons. Since these sites do update frequently, you don’t want to miss a coupon because you can not complete and order!

Hidden Mail Out Coupons
There’s more?!?!
These mail out sites frequently have hidden portals containing additional coupons. These hidden coupons can be combined with one another and with coupons on the main page to complete an order.These hidden portals are often where the best coupons are found!
Hidden Coupons
Ensure you get all the coupons has to offer! has an organized list of all the latest hidden coupons. We scour the internet for hours each day to ensure that we find all the hidden coupons currently available for
Hidden Coupons
Having problems ordering or finding hidden coupons?
Here at you are covered when it comes to those pesky hidden coupons! We have a daily updated list of all the hidden coupons. Even a tutorial video is attached to walk you through on your order to ensure you run into no problems.
Printable Coupon Distributors
Looking for printable coupons?
Mail coupons aren’t the only way you can get coupons! Most stores now accept print coupons that you find on the internet. Some stores do not though (read the policy of your store before using print coupons)! Although you can find all the latest printable coupons here on, there happens to be two large Canadian Printable Coupon Distributors.
Monthly Sample Offers! is a great website. Not only do they have many money saving printable coupons available. They also do monthly trial offers, these trial offers are samples. Samples products such as Aveeno, Reactine, Neutrogena, Tylenol, Nicorette and much more. So make sure you are registered at in order to receive latest offers right to your email!
Printable grocery coupons and more!

SmartSource Canada launched their printable coupon website in late September 2011. You can find many different money saving coupons to print.

You are not required to register with in order to access their coupons. However, there is a print limit on these coupons (usually 2 per computer). offer coupons for products from grocery to body & beauty. They occasionally add and remove coupons from this site so make sure you print what you want as soon as possible. keeps up-to-date on when new coupons are added and lets our users know!

Coupon Inserts
Right in your newspaper!
There are four main coupon inserts. They are from SmartSource, RedPlum, P&G and Unilever. SmartSource and Redplum inserts are delivered on a monthly basis in your local newspaper. P&G BrandSaver inserts are delivered when P&G does a major coupon update. This happens approximately 4 times per year. Unilever is new insert just started in summer 2011.

Products, Samples & In-store
Keep your eyes peeled!

Quite often products you purchase and samples you receive will also contain coupons.

When you are shopping, look for products marked with savings inside or special offers. These are often high value coupons. But check every package. Sometimes coupons are printed on the inside of boxes with no indication on the outside.

The majority of samples that are distributed also include coupons for the product. These coupons can be obvious or tucked away inside an information booklet. Make sure you look carefully through everything you receive to be sure you don’t miss anything.

You can also find tear pad, booklet and peelie coupons in-store. Tear pad coupons are found either at the front entrance to the store and/or on the shelves close to the product. Make sure you read the wording on the coupons careful as some are manufacturer coupons and can be used anywhere that accepts coupons and some are in-store coupons and can only be used at participating stores.

Booklet coupons are similar to tear pads except there is additional product information, recipes etc. If you see a booklet in-store pick it up and have a quick look. You never know what you’ll find inside!

Peelie coupons are found on the outside packaging of products. They are attached usually by glue or tape. These coupons are intended to be used immediately when purchasing that product.

Sign up with your favourite companies

Another great way to get coupons and stay current on promotions is to sign up for e-newsletters. Almost every store and company has a mailing list.

Register with your favourite stores and recive email updates right to your inbox or mobile device (in most cases).

We recommend creating a seperate email address strickly for mailing lists. Signing up for multiple mailing lists can result in a busy inbox. Also, be certain you are signing up for Canadian sites, not American.

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