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Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Program


Host Company: Shoppers Drug Mart
Program Name: Optimum Rewards Program
Program Website: http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/Optimum.aspx
Where to Collect: Shoppers Drug Mart, Everywhere

[toggle title=”Overview” collapse=”false” ]Shoppers Drug Mart’s Optimum Rewards Program is one of the easiest programs to collect and redeem points in Canada. With frequent Bonus Point offers and Bonus Redemption Days it is incredibly easy to collect, bank and redeem points.[/toggle][toggle title=”How To Earn” collapse=”false” ]

Once you have enrolled in the program you can collect Optimum Points on every eligible purchase you make at Shoppers Drug Mart. You must present your Optimum Card to the cashier before the completion of the transaction in order to collect your points.

Optimum Points are earned at the rate of 10 Points for every eligible dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart stores. There are also frequent Bonus Optimum Point offers that allow you to accumulate extra points on specific dates & purchases.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Exclusions” collapse=”false” ]Shoppers Optimum Points will not be awarded on purchases of gift cards and prepaid card products (except Shoppers Drug Mart- branded gift cards), wireless phone cards, stamps, Post Office, passport photos, tickets provided by Ticket Ops or any other event ticket provider, bus tickets and passes, products with codeine, cigarettes and tobacco (where sold), lottery tickets, delivery charges (where applicable), bill payments (where accepted), bottle deposits/returns (where accepted), gift with purchases, charitable donations, the Shoppers Optimum Points redemption portion of a transaction, and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time or where prohibited by law.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Additional Ways To Earn” collapse=”false” ]

There are many ways to earn additional Shoppers Optimum Points. Primarily this is done through Bonus Optimum Point offers at Shoppers Drug Mart. Here are 4 ways to earn additional points faster:

1. Shop during 20x the Points Events. Shoppers Drug Mart has 20x the Points Events every 6 weeks or so. When you shop on these specially designated dates you will earn 20x the base points you would have earned on that purchase. These events have a minimum purchase requirement usually of $50.00 – $75.00.

2. Purchase specially marked items in-store with Bonus Point offers attached. These offers can be advertised online, in flyers or in-store. SaveaLoonie.com keeps an updated list of all current advertised Shopper’s Optimum Bonus Point offers here: https://www.savealoonie.com/shoppers-drug-mart-coupons-and-point-offers/

3. Sign up for Shoppers Optimum Email for access to special unadvertised offers for members only.

4. Sign up for an RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking account. With this awesome bank account your Shoppers Optimum Account is linked right to your debit card. You can earn double points on all eligible purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart when you use your RBC Shoppers Optimum debit card (10 Points/dollar on your debit card + 10 Points/dollar with your Shoppers Optimum Card). You also earn 1 Optimum Point for every dollar spent using your Shoppers Optimum Debit Card at any location. You will also earn 50,000 Bonus Optimum Points after meeting specific requirements of the account (2 bill payments, direct payroll deposit).

[/toggle][toggle title=”How To Redeem” collapse=”false” ]

Shoppers Optimum Points are redeemed in-store for discounts towards everyday merchandise. Optimum Points cannot be redeemed towards the purchase of prescription drugs, products containing codeine, gift cards and prepaid card products, wireless phone cards, stamps, Post Office stamps and merchandise, passport photos, tickets provided by Ticket Ops or any other event ticket provider, cigarettes and tobacco (where sold), lottery tickets, bus tickets and passes, delivery charges (where applicable), bill payments (where accepted), bottle deposits/returns, charitable donations, gift with purchases and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time. Shoppers Drug Mart reserves the right to add or delete products and services eligible for Shoppers Optimum Points redemption at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice. You can redeem your Shoppers Optimum Points on any day at Shoppers Drug Mart locations. On a standard day redemption rates are as follows

Shoppers Drug Mart often has Bonus Redemption Events where these values are altered to lower the number of Points required for a redemption level or the values of the redemption are raised. For example on a Bonus Redemption Event 95,000 Points would equal $200.00 instead of $170. This is the best time to redeem your points as you will be getting more merchandise for less! Keep in mind you will still have to pay taxes for the total retail value of your purchase.

If you do not want to redeem your points there are other things you can do with them. You can transfer points to a friend or family member with an Optimum Card, donate your points to a charity of your choice or redeem points for a subscription to Glow Magazine.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Tips” collapse=”false” ]

1. Shop only during Bonus Point Events. This way you will earn 20x the points and build your balance much faster.

2. If you plan on doing a large purchase during a Bonus Points Event, split your purchase into multiple transactions to capitalize on more points!

3. Purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to shop from. Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards are the only gift cards you can earn Optimum Points on. Determine the amount you plan to spend during your shopping trip and start by purchasing your gift card for that amount. You will earn Optimum Points on the purchase of the gift card and you will earn more Points on your purchase when you redeem the gift card.

4. Use coupons to lower your total on Bonus Points Events. Shoppers Drug Mart has recently updated their coupon policy and coupons will now count towards the minimum purchase amount for Bonus Points Events. If your purchase totals $50.00 retail before coupons you will still get your points. This excludes Free Product Coupons.

5. Use manufacturer coupons on items with Bonus Points attached to earn points at a discounted price.

6. If you have accumulated a large number of points you can redeem up to twice per day. The best time to redeem your points is during a Bonus Redemption Event. Split up a large purchase into 2 smaller ones to redeem more points for free products!

7. Purchase items with set a set value of Bonus Points (example 1,000 Bonus Points NOT 10x Points) during a redemption to earn points while you redeem. You will not receive base points on a redemption.

8. Optimum Points never expire (unless you collect 0 points during a calendar year) so bank them as long as you want/need. Any unused points will carry forward into the next year.



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