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Esso Extra Rewards Program


Host Company: Imperial Oil
Program Name: Esso Extra
Program Website: https://www.essoextra.com/pages/Home.aspx
Where to Collect: Esso Gas Stations, Everywhere

Swipe your Esso Extra Card at Esso Gas Stations to earn points on all eligible purchases. You can also link your Esso Extra Card to your speedpass to make earning rewards even easier.

Earn 1 Point per dollar spent on all eligible purchases made at Esso when you present your Esso Extra card or pay with your speedpass. Earn 1 Bonus Point per dollar on the purchase of Extra Grade Gasoline and 2 Bonus Points per dollar on the purchase of Supreme Grade Gasoline. You can also earn Bonus Points on special in-store offers.

Esso Extra Points are not awarded for (a) some cash transactions at isolated terminals including coin- operated car washes and other similar types of circumstances; (b) the purchase of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products; (c) cash advances; (d) the purchase Esso Gift Cards (but Points will be awarded in accordance with these Rules when Esso Gift Cards are redeemed); or (e) bottle deposits. For non-gasoline, single-item purchases at participating Esso Stations greater than $150.00, Points will be awarded only at Imperial’s sole discretion.

Additional Ways to Earn

1. Register your Esso Extra Card online and receive 200 Bonus Points.

2. Sign up for a Royal Bank Esso Visa and earn points faster. When you use your Royal Bank Royal Visa at Esso stations you will earn 2 or more Esso Extra Points per dollar you spend on eligible purchases. In addition, you will earn 1 Esso Extra Point per dollar everywhere else you use your Visa. As an added bonus, earn 4500 Bonus Esso Extra Points with your first qualifying purchase.

3. Participate in Point Exchange Programs with RBC Rewards, HBC Rewards, or Club Sobeys.

Esso Extra has a vast selection of rewards you can redeem for. You can redeem your points instantly in-store for gas, lottery tickets, drinks, snacks, car washes and more. You can also redeem your points online for gift cards to Esso, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons and more.
Esso Extra also point exchange programs with 4 other programs:

RBC Rewards – Exchange a minimum 2500 Esso Extra Points for 1500 RBC Rewards points. Additional point can be redeemed in increments of 500 Esso Extra Points for 300 RBC Rewards Points.

Hudson’s Bay Rewards – Exchange your Esso Extra Points for Hudon’s Bay Rewards Points. Below is a chart displaying the conversion rate. There is no limit to the amount of Points you can exchange. This redemption system works both ways.

Club Sobeys – You can register you can sign up for automatic exchange of your Esso Extra Points into Club Sobeys Points. When you register, all of your existing and future Esso Extra Points will be converted into Club Sobeys Points.

You can also exchange your Club Sobeys Points for Esso Extra Points automatically. When you register all of your existing points and future points will be converted.

You can also donate your points to a selection of Canadian charities.


1. Pick up your Esso Extra Card in-store and be sure you have made an eligible purchase to earn Points before attempting to register your card online.

2. The best redemption reward for its value is the Luxury Car Wash. At a regular price of $9.99 and a redemption of 599 Points you are getting the most bang for your points.

3. Redeeming Esso Extra Points for gift cards has a low conversion rate, convert your points to a different program if you wish to redeem for gift cards.

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