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November 13, 2021
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Get ready for the My McDonald’s Rewards Program for Canada!

For many years, loyal McCafe lovers have been collecting stamps for free coffee. Then, McDonald’s made the move to add Fries to their Rewards Program and non-coffee drinkers rejoiced.

Starting November 16th 2021, the ALL NEW My McDonald’s Rewards Program is launching with tons of new ways to earn rewards & free food!

How To Earn Points

Earning Points with My McDonald’s Rewards is easy!

When you order using the mobile app, points are earned automatically. To earn points at the restaurant, use the code in your app before you order. You can scan it at the Front Counter & the Kiosk or provide your code at the Drive-thru before ordering.

You’ll earn 100 Points with every $1 that you spend.

If you have existing stamps from McDonald’s Rewards, when you join My McDonald’s Rewards, those stamps will become points. Each stamp is worth 300 points (up to a maximum of 1800 points).

Welcome Bonus! As a special welcome bonus, you’ll receive 5000 bonus points with your first My McDonald’s Rewards purchase (minimum $1). That’s enough for a Free Reward (or 2)!

How To Redeem Points

Earning points is easy, redeeming them is just as simple.

What Are The Rewards

You can now enjoy almost all of your favourites for free with My McDonald’s Rewards! The more points you earn the bigger the reward.

2000 Points
– Premium Roast Coffee/Tea/Ice Coffee (any size)
– Hash Brown
– Vanilla Cone
– 2 Li’l Donuts

6000 Points
– McDouble
– McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich
– Junior Chicken
– Snack Size McFlurry

14,000 Points
– Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal
– Big Mac Meal
– McChicken Meal
– 10-pc Chicken McNuggets

4000 Points
– Fries (any size)
– Sausage McMuffin
– Cheeseburger
– Latte (any size)

10,000 Points
– Big Mac
– McMuffin Extra Value Meal
– 6-pc Chicken McNuggets
– Happy Meal (any)

Starting November 16th, sign up for the NEW My McDonald’s Rewards and start earning points towards your favourites!


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November 13, 2021
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