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April 5, 2020
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Craving a sweet take on a Easter favourite? The Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Egg Donut is here, for a limited time only!

Our lives aren’t quite the same as they were a month ago, and many of us have swapped out our usual routines for a new way of doing things.

But just because our lives have changed, that doesn’t stop the ever-changing seasons and onslaught of holidays to come. And, it certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy and even celebrate!

Tim Hortons has added a new creation to the Dream Donuts line, perfect for nibbling on, the Cabury Mini Egg Donut!

Obviously, enjoying your donut in a Tim Hortons dining room is out of the question right now, but you can still order yours ahead on the app or the next time you hit the drive thru. Or, if delivery is available in your area, you can get one or a half dozen delivered right to your door!

Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Eggs Donut
Tim Hortons NEW Cadbury Mini Eggs Dream Donut

The Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Egg donut retails for $1.99 each, similar to others in the Dream Donuts line.

Beautifully crafted, this year’s Easter creation features a white icing glazed top with a dollop of pink whipped cream surrounded by Cadbury Mini Eggs.

You better getting hopping if you want to try one of these yummy Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Egg Donuts, because they are here for a limited time only.

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April 5, 2020

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