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March 17, 2012

Have a general question about couponing? Find the answer to many of the most commonly asked Coupon Questions here!

Can’t find the answer to your question? Try searching through our complete How To Coupon Guide for more detailed information. You can also send us an email with your question by using our Contact Us page.

General Questions


[section title=”WHY DON’T I SEE SAVEALOONIE’S POSTS IN MY FACEBOOK NEWSFEED? ” collapse=”true” ] Due to Facebook regulations only approximately 10% of a Page’s fan base gets to see posts. To ensure you don’t miss posts from SaveaLoonie, get active on our wall by liking, sharing and commenting on posts. This tells Facebook that you enjoy seeing our posts so they will more likely include them in your newsfeed. You can also hover over the Like button on our Page and click Show in Newsfeed, Get Notifications and Add to Interests list.

Click here for our Guide to Using SaveaLoonie for more information.[/section]

[section title=”WHY DON’T FACEBOOK APPS WORK FOR ME?” collapse=”true” ] Many Facebook applications require you to allow certain permissions. These include allowing posting to your page etc. If you do not allow these features, you will not be able to participate.

Another issue may be Secure Browsing. Although this feature is the safest way to browse Facebook, it may not be compatible with a certain application. You can disable Secure Browsing by clicking Account Settings → Security, it is the first option on that page. You can re-enable it once you have finished, if you wish.

Click here to learn more about Using Facebook for Freebies[/section]

[section title=”WHY CAN’T I GET SOME OFFERS FROM MY MOBILE DEVICE?” collapse=”true” ] Many of the coupon / freebie offers are posted on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook mobile does not support the tabbing system.

If you are seeing the message, “Page not found” or something similar, and you are on a mobile device, this is the most likely reason. You will have to be at a desktop / laptop computer in order to access the offer.

Click here to learn more about Using Facebook for Freebies[/section]

[section title=”AN OFFER ISN’T WORKING! WHAT CAN I DO?” collapse=”true” ]If an offer isn’t working for you there are several steps you can take to try and help.
1. Switch Internet Browsers. Some offers tend to work smoother on specific browsers and not at all on others. If you are experiencing issues, we suggest first switching browsers and trying it again. We recommend having updated versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on your computer.
2. Clear your cookies. Sometimes having to much stored in your cookies can cause offers not to work correctly.
3. Switch from mobile to a desktop or laptop computer. Facebook offers especially are not easily accessible via mobile. If a computer is close, opt to use it instead of your mobile device.
4. Refresh the right page! If you are constantly refreshing a page waiting for it to go live, be sure you are refreshing the right page and not the error / maintenance page. The pages will have a different website address and refreshing that page will only ever yield the same message. (example> down for maintenance page)

Click here for more Tips & Tricks on what to do when an offer doesn’t work[/section]

[section title=”HOW DO I ORGANIZE MY COUPONS?” collapse=”true” ] How you organize your coupons is a personal decision, it should be done however works best for you.

You can see some ideas and suggesting in the Beginner Guide: Organizing Your Coupons.[/section]

[section title=”HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO USE MY COUPONS?” collapse=”true” ] The easy answer is, every time you shop! But, the absolute best time to use a coupon is when the item you are purchasing is at its lowest selling price.

In order to know the lowest price, you should keep a Rock Bottom Price Book.[/section]

[section title=”MY STORE WON’T TAKE MY COUPONS. WHAT DO I DO?” collapse=”true” ] The first thing you should do is review the Canadian Store Coupon & Price Matching Policies page to be sure your store allows coupon use. If their policy says yes, be sure to print a copy of it to carry with you the next time you shop.

If the cashier at your store is still refusing to take your coupons, politely explain that their Coupon Policy says they do. If you still aren’t getting anywhere, ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative or Store Manager and explain to them. If the issue still isn’t resolved, contact the main offices of the store and explain the issue to them.

Remember to be polite but stand your ground. [/section]


Coupon Related Questions


[section title=”WHY ARE SOME COUPONS HIDDEN?” collapse=”true” ]Companies use Hidden Coupon Portals to limit the access to their coupons. To access these coupons you must follow the appropriate channels. For example, visit a Facebook page or a company website [/section]

[section title=”WHAT DO I DO IF THERE IS A MIS-PRINT ON MY COUPON?” collapse=”true” ] Contact the company issuing the coupon and inform them of the issue. They may send you a replacement or give you further instructions on redeeming the coupon. [/section]

[section title=”WHAT DOES ‘NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER’ MEAN?” collapse=”true” ] This DOES NOT mean that the coupon can’t be used with a sale or price match. This means that the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with another manufacturer coupon.

See more on Coupon Details – The Fine Print here.

[section title=”WHAT DOES ‘ONE PER PURCHASE’ MEAN?” collapse=”true” ] This means one coupon can be applied to one product.

See more on Coupon Details – The Fine Print here. [/section]

[section title=”THE COUPON SAY ANY BUT THE PICTURE SHOWS ONE PRODUCT. WHAT CAN I REDEEM IT ON?” collapse=”true” ] You can redeem your coupon on any size, flavour or variety of that Brand.

See more on Coupon Details – The Fine Print here.[/section]

[section title=”WHAT DOES FPC AND BOGO MEAN?” collapse=”true” ] FPC = Free Product Coupon
BOGO = Buy One, Get One

See more on Coupon Lingo & Abbreviations here.[/section]

[section title=”WHY CAN’T I PRINT COUPONS FROM WEBSAVER, SAVE.CA ETC?” collapse=”true” ] There are a handful of things that could possibly prevent you from printing coupons.

  • Coupon Printing software not installed / not installed correctly
  • Java not updated
  • Default printer not set correctly
  • Printer without paper / ink / not turned on
  • Coupon(s) not available in your region
  • Already printed or requested by mail (if applicable)

For more information on printing coupons at home, view our How To Get: Print at Home Coupons section.[/section]

[section title=”SAVE.CA SAYS RESTRICTED WHEN TRYING TO GET A HIDDEN COUPON” collapse=”true” ]There are several possible reasons for this.
1. You have already requested this coupon and it is not available for re-order to you.
2. The coupon is no longer available on that portal / the portal no longer exists.
3. The link you are using is incorrect. Many times Hidden Coupons are only accessible through the appropriate channels (newsletter, Facebook page etc).
4. Try logging into your account from their main website before trying to access the coupon you are trying to get. I’m not sure why but this seems to help.
5. You may also want to switch browsers. Certain offers work better on specific browsers.[/section]

[section title=”WHY ARE SOME COUPONS PRINT ONLY?” collapse=”true” ] Companies & brands sometime choose to make their coupons print only. There are many reasons why this may be so but the most common one is to reduce the cost of distributing the coupon so they can offer a discount to more people. It costs a company to create, print, distribute and verify each coupon. It can wind up costing more money than the coupon is worth. So to cut costs, companies eliminate the additional cost of mass production and postage by making them print only. [/section]

[section title=”CAN I HAVE PRINT COUPONS MAILED TO ME?” collapse=”true” ] Almost 99% of the time the answer is no. Unless a coupon gives you the option for print or mail, it is one or the other. If a company chooses to make a coupon printable, you cannot have it mailed to you. [/section]


Freebie / Sample / Contest Related Questions


[section title=”IT’S BEEN WEEKS! WHERE IS MY SAMPLE?” collapse=”true” ] Each company provides a general window for how long it will take your sample or freebie to arrive. Generally speaking, you can expect to wait 4 – 8 weeks for a product to arrive but we have waited over 4 months. [/section]

[section title=”WHY DO THEY WANT MY PHONE NUMBER?” collapse=”true” ]Most times, supplying a phone number isn’t mandatory. Be sure to read the form carefully to see which information is marked as mandatory and which is not. But in the event it is, most times it is to contact you if you’ve won a contest.

Be sure to read the Privacy Policy of the website if you are uncomfortable giving your number.[/section]

[section title=”WHY ARE PERFUME / COLOGNE SAMPLES SO SMALL?” collapse=”true” ] Due to Canada Post regulations, anything flammable cannot be sent in the mail. A vial of perfume / cologne is considered flammable whereas a postcard sample is not. [/section]


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March 17, 2012
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