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Extreme Couponing Canada – August 26
WOW!! What a day! Today was our best savings to date – 88%. We got some super great deals and we managed to get some overage too! Gotta love Walmart and the fact they do overage.So for todays ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – August 20, 2011
Got some really great deals today! We hit up PJ’s Pet, Walmart and Rexall for all of our deals. We didn’t even plan on going to Rexall but I’m sure glad we did because there were some great coupons ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – August 10, 2011
We went out this evening and did a little shop. Nothing that extreme but there were some good deals this week and today was the first chance I had to run out and pick them up. Little did I know, that ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – July 17
So it wasn’t the best of shopping days but still did get some good deals! I had a bunch of Fantastik coupons that were approaching expiry and since Canadian Tire had them on sale this week I figured ...
MIL is now Extreme Couponing!!!
So I just had to share this quick story with all of you! So my MIL has always been the frugal type and would use coupons once in a while but never really put much thought into it. She was just trying ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – July 16
YAY!!! What an amazing shopping day!! Go a whole lot of stuff for FREE!!!! Isn’t that the best way to start a beautiful weeked by getting some great shopping deals.As I’m sure many of you have ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – July 11
The weather was HOT & STICKY here in our area today – close to 40C with the humidex. And we don’t have air conditioning. The house was heating up like a sauna so we decided to cool off a bit and ...
New Tire and a Good Score!
So as many of you know, Saturday we went out for the day to celebrate a family birthday. Well it wasn’t an easy task getting there but I did get some great deals along the way!It all started when ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – July 10
Hey everyone! Today was a GREAT shopping day. During the tire fiasco from yesterday we scoped out some great deals that we went back and got today.I didn’t pick up these things yesterday ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – June 27
Today was a pretty decent shopping day. Got a ton of great stuff at great prices! We spent a fair amount of money but got alot of things we need for around the house.We started off at good ole’ ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – June 21
Today was FREE CEREAL DAY!!! We have been waiting for this day for weeks!! We each got our coupon from websaver for the free Chocolate Cheerios and had accumulated 3 more through trades! Also hubby ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – June 17 Haul
Today was another great shopping day!! We got 11 jugs of laundry detergent and paid only $16.82 taxes in!!!This is how we did it. In the Price Chopper flyer this week, they have Purex 1.89L ...

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