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Coupon Inserts: SmartSource
SmartSource is one of the 3 companies in Canada that distribute scheduled coupon inserts in your newspaper. You can expect to find a SmartSource insert at least once per month. They do also ...
Mail to Home Coupons: From The Company
Many of the best coupons that are available come right from the brand manufacturers. Many times, these companies are so thrilled to hear positive feedback from you, the consumer, about their ...
Couponing Safety: Stay Safe Out There SaveaLoonians!
Whether you are ordering coupons to be mailed to your house, signing up for a free sample or entering a contest - it is all done courtesy of the world wide web!And as with any online activities ...
SaveaLoonie Shopping Trips – Feb 29th
What a busy afternoon! We had a whole bunch of errands to do plus we had to pick up prizes for the 20,000 Fan Celebration. Can you tell Jack is exhausted from all the car rides. While we were out and ...
SaveaLoonie Shopping Trip – February 25
Had a pretty decent shopping trip today! Got lots of good stuff at great prices =) It all went pretty smoothly except Walmart didn’t have the first 3 items on my list so we wound up having to stop by ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Feb 12th
OhMyGosh! What a day! This was the BIGGEST coupon haul we have ever done and boy am I glad its over! But I must admit, I couldn’t have done it without my boys <3 Ryan is the best cart pusher I ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Jan 15 2012
Today was our first real couponing trip of 2012 and considering we are still working with limited coupon supply, I`d say we did alright! Of course we were at Walmart doing all of our shopping today ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Nov 11
Ryan and I headed out shopping yesterday to take advantage of some good deals and to use up a few coupons that were expiring. We were only planning to shop at Walmart but wound up scoring a couple ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Oct 20
So I know I’m a little late with this one but things have been NUTS around here lately!! But either way we got some really great deals the other day! We got stocked up on some things we were running ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Oct 16
All I can say is wow, wow, wow!! Today was an amazing shopping trip! It is definitely our biggest savings to date. Our Christmas baskets are going to be loaded up with L’Oreal this year! This ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Oct 2
We went out today to grab more of the Sunlight laundry detergent and a few other things we were running low on. We went to FreshCo and Walmart here in town.We started out by heading to the ...
Extreme Couponing Canada – Sept 18
So shopping did not start out well today. My ususal policy is to NOT go shopping on the first day of a sale. The stores are always crazy busy and it just makes shopping too stressful. But this ...

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