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Beginner Guide: Couponing Etiquette
Being a couponer isn't just about scoring great deals and saving loads of money, but also representing an entire community of people. If you coupon, you are part of an exclusive club and as such it ...
Get More Coupons: Samples & Freebies
Couponing and Freebie Hunting tend to go hand in hand - if you love coupons, you can't help but love samples and freebies too!Samples aren't just a great way to try new products out for free but ...
Get More Coupons: Newsletters & Mailing Lists
Another great way to get coupons and stay current on promotions is to sign up for e-newsletters and mailing lists. Almost every store and company has a mailing list and quite often, subscribers are ...
Get More Coupons: Trading & Trains
By this point, you've probably scoured over every page on, ordered every available coupon from webSaver,, P&G and printed so many coupons you are running out of ink. But ...
Get More Coupons: In The Store
Your local stores are one of the best places to find coupons! They are everywhere you go - you just have to look for them! You can find coupons at the main entrance of the store, on the shelves, on ...
Coupon Inserts: Magazines, Newspapers and Flyers
In addition to coupon inserts, you can find more coupons in some of the other reading material that comes in the mail!MagazinesMany Canadian magazines regularly have coupons inside of them. ...
Coupon Inserts: P&G BrandSaver
P&G BrandSaver is one of the 3 companies that distribute coupon inserts in Canada. P&G BrandSaver is different from RedPlum and SmartSource in that they are only available 3 or 4 times per ...
Coupon Inserts: RedPlum
RedPlum is one of the 3 companies in Canada that distribute scheduled coupon inserts in your newspaper. You can expect to find a RedPlum insert at least once per month.RedPlum inserts can carry ...
Coupon Inserts: SmartSource
SmartSource is one of the 3 companies in Canada that distribute scheduled coupon inserts in your newspaper. You can expect to find a SmartSource insert at least once per month. They do also ...
Mail to Home Coupons: From The Company
Many of the best coupons that are available come right from the brand manufacturers. Many times, these companies are so thrilled to hear positive feedback from you, the consumer, about their ...
Couponing Safety: Stay Safe Out There SaveaLoonians!
Whether you are ordering coupons to be mailed to your house, signing up for a free sample or entering a contest - it is all done courtesy of the world wide web!And as with any online activities ...
SaveaLoonie Shopping Trips – Feb 29th
What a busy afternoon! We had a whole bunch of errands to do plus we had to pick up prizes for the 20,000 Fan Celebration. Can you tell Jack is exhausted from all the car rides. While we were out and ...

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