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Advanced Guide: Combining Coupons in Canada
Combining coupons and stacking coupons are very different techniques for saving money and yet they confuse many people.An advanced couponer knows that combining coupons is a great way to save ...
Advanced Guide: How To Get & Use Overage
Overage - the diamond in the rough. The ultimate goal for any couponer. Overage is one of those things that we always strive for and rarely achieve.Learning about how to get and use overage is ...
Novice Guide: Mail In Rebates
Mail in rebates are a great way to get big discounts or even free items! Manufacturers offer these rebates as extra incentives to buy their products. There are 3 different types of mail in rebates: ...
Novice Guide: Rain Checks & Scanning Code of Practice
Becoming a skilled couponer means being aware of every possible avenue for saving money! Now that you have the coupon basics and price matching down, it's time to move on to two other in-store ...
Novice Guide: Rock Bottom Price Book
One of the most commonly asked questions about couponing is knowing when to is the best time to use your coupons. It really is quite easy - the best time to use them is when the product is at its ...
Novice Guide: Canadian Store Sales Cycles
Knowing what sales cycles are and understanding how they work is an important part of being a great couponer! Through this guide, we will cover what you need to know about Sale Cycles and what items ...
Novice Guide: Use Price Matching To Your Advantage
By now you've probably become pretty good at finding and using coupons while you shop. However you may find yourself traveling from store to store to get your deals. By the time you subtract the ...
Beginner Guide: Start Shopping Using Coupons
The key to being a great couponer is knowing when to use your coupons. Anytime is a good time to use a coupon but for the best bang for your buck you should always combine a sale and a coupon ...
Beginner Guide: Organizing Your Coupons
By now you should be building quite the collection of coupons. Between Mail To Home Coupons, Print At Home Coupons, Coupon Inserts & Coupons In The Store you should have no troubles locating ...
Beginner Guide: Canadian Store Coupon & Price Matching Policies
The only way to be certain what is or isn’t allowed when it comes to couponing is to know your store’s coupon policy. Due to the high turnover of cashiers in the retail market many of them are ...
Beginner Guide: Coupon Details – The Fine Print
When you are getting started with using coupons it is important to understand the fine print found on each of your coupons. These details will help you understand what you may or may not use the ...
Beginner Guide: Couponing Terms and Abbreviations
Navigating through the coupon world can be difficult with all these abbreviations and terms. Do you not know what FPC or RLF mean? Scroll through the list and discover the meaning of many of the ...

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