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Eclipsa Cash Back App | High Value Evive Smoothie Cubes Offer
Meet Eclipsa, Canada's newest cash back app, focusing on healthier, better-for-you products. Are you tired of the same old weekly offers? Join Eclipsa and get cash back on everyday items ...
SampleSource Spring 2022 Sneak Peek #4
There may still be snow outside and below 0 temperatures, but Spring is in the air!This weekend we turned our clocks forward, and one week from today is the first day of Spring!But what ...
SampleSource Spring 2022 Sneak Peek #3
Are you getting excited yet? Would another Sneak Peek help?!Then you're in luck! Because SampleSource Spring 2022 Sample Pack Sneak Peek #3 is here!Check out the latest Sneak Peek for more ...
SampleSource Spring 2022 Sneak Peek #1 & #2
It's that time of year again - SampleSource Spring 2022 Sneak Peeks are here!Between the usual winter weather and the added stresses of what's going on in the world, it has felt like a very, ...
Tim Hortons Rrroll Up To Win Coming Soon!
Ooooh what a great time it is to be Canadian.Every winter, in the deep dark depths of Winter, Canadians look forward to an extra pick-me-up with their morning coffee or tea! For more than 35 ...
Aveeno Active Naturals Class Action
Learn more about the Aveeno Active Naturals Class Action.If you have purchased an Aveeno "Active Naturals" product, you may be entitled to compensation!The Class ActionHas clever or ...
Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale Breakdown
Our Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale Breakdown will get you in the know for this once a year event!The most wonderfully scented day of the year is approaching and we're here to tell you ...
My McDonald’s Rewards Program | Get 5000 Welcome Points
Get ready for the My McDonald's Rewards Program for Canada!For many years, loyal McCafe lovers have been collecting stamps for free coffee. Then, McDonald's made the move to add Fries to their ...
What You Should & Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday
I have a confession to make.Before you've started planning your Thanksgiving dinner, pulled out the Pumpkin Spice or thought about Halloween costumes & candy, we're already thinking ahead ...
Top Holiday Toys Picks For 2021
These Top Holiday Toys Picks For 2021 are predicted to sell out early!Whether you like it or not, the Christmas Creep has already begun and there is no reason for you to get left behind during ...
Toy Shortage Warning Means You Should Start Shopping Early
I hate to repeat a phrase we've heard at nauseum lately, but the last couple of years truly have been unprecedented.We all thought 2020 was as bad as it was going to get, right? But 2021 ...
SampleSource Fall 2021 Sneak Peek #4
Can you believe if?! We’ve got the SampleSource Fall 2021 Sneak Peek #4 lined up for you!Today is the first day of Fall and it's definitely looking like it out there!The leaves are changing ...

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