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  1. We have won a couple shirts and 2 coupons so far! 😀

  2. Binders are available for sale in the SaveaLoonie Store here:! Also keep in mind, for a limited time, use coupon code HALFPRICE to save 50% on the price of a SaveaLoonie Ultimate Coupon Binder Pack 🙂

  3. Updated due to a certain someone passing along false information about this score we did almost a year ago!

  4. You need to click the Go To Offer button to get your sample

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    Everyone please note that to enter you must visit the GIVEAWAY tab at the top of the page!

  6. this offer looks to be over now

  7. Be sure you are commenting on the LINKED POST from the Real Women of Philadelphia. Comments here don’t count!

  8. Working fine here, try switching browsers.

  9. Enjoy everyone =)

  10. This offer is no longer valid.

  11. I will message the company right now!

  12. All you need to do is follow the Click Here To Go To The Offer link at the bottom of the post. It will direct you to where ever you need to claim each offer.

  13. It is 100% open to Canadians. If you’re having issues, try using a different device.

  14. I just checked and the majority are still there, and have actually gone up in value!
    After logging in, make sure you click the “See All Coupons” button 🙂

  15. You need to click on the banner on the Walmart website to access the sample

  16. You need to click on the banner on the Walmart website to access the sample

  17. I entered and got no warnings

  18. You’re right! Thanks for pointing that out!

  19. WOW! Congratulations!

  20. You don’t need to be logged into our website to be able to access the coupons & offers we post.

  21. You need to use your cell phone to text the word EGGHUNT to the number 28767

  22. The button no longer is there! You have to click the “Click here to get this offer!” link

  23. If you no longer wish to receive notifications you need to unsubscribe yourself. We can’t do it for you so please stop leaving these comments on every post. Thank you.

  24. Offers can vary by region and by person based on your previous shopping history.

  25. Are you on a mobile device or desktop computer?

  26. Unfortunately prices flucuate frequently, and you must have missed the deal price. Sorry!

  27. Just click the link that says “Click here to get this offer!”

  28. As per the details in the post, you had to have received the email from Shoppers to accept it.

  29. My bad! I must’ve for got add the link! Should be all fixed now 🙂 Sorry!

  30. It’s been so busy the last few days, I forgot to hit the button to add the link! It should be good to go know.

  31. I’m sorry! I forgot to add the link! The post has been updated and link has been added 🙂

  32. My apologies! I must’ve missed hitting a button! Post has been updated and the link added!

  33. We update every day…
    We made some recent changes to how we do our Coupon Price Match-Ups, in case you weren’t aware. Here’s some more information:

  34. Are you using CO51 via computer or smartphone? I noticed the offer is only available to smartphone users as barcode verification is required.

  35. It happened to me too, except I got sent back to Facebook :/ Try going right back to the pampers site after that happens. When I did, I was logged in. It’s so weird…

  36. Yup… the post clearly says $1 off 🙂

  37. Wowie! Sounds like you’ve had some great stuff coming in over the last little bit! Congrats on everything!

  38. The invite is NOT from SaveaLoonie – it is from SampleSource. You MUST receive an email directly from them to qualify & claim your freebie.

  39. Did you get the alert email from us or the SampleSource email invite – they are not the same!

  40. This is not a giveaway! It is a sampling promotion from SampleSource. Please take a moment and actually READ the post details for all the information.

  41. As stated in the post, this offer is only available to users who were invited via email

  42. Use the Go To Offer button to sign up 🙂

  43. Woohoo! Congrats!

  44. Yes, it is online pricing. Use the Go To Offer button to find them 🙂

  45. Yes. Samples are sent sporadically to members

  46. Still waiting here too.. My guess is they are waiting until the Fibralogy Influenster Campaign ends (which is in a few days) before they start sending them out.

  47. Please use the GO TO OFFER button located within each post to access each offer and request the coupons that interest you.

  48. Unfortunately this is a print only offer.

  49. Thanks, we’ve updated the link.

  50. Great tip! I hadn’t seen those yet!

  51. I never include tax as it varies so much from province to province (and is unavoidable). All match-ups are based on product cost only.

  52. The offer was originally posted at 9:27am :/ Sorry you missed out!

  53. Yes, you should have! It is a bit of a slow process. If you’re unsure, try reaching out to the Shopper’s Army Team. They should be able to give you more info 🙂

  54. yup! If you provided all of the required info, you should be good!

  55. Try contacting Sounds like an issue on their end!

  56. You need to use the GO TO OFFER button to access the coupons 😉

  57. I know right!

  58. Thanks – I must’ve missed that one!

  59. Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! Thanks for the heads up!

  60. woohoo! Congrats!

  61. You need to be a member of BzzAgent and received an invite email!

  62. Shoot! I knew I was bound to mess one of the 4 up! lol
    Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now 🙂

  63. Why would you say that? We don’t post “jokes”, only real offers.

  64. Thanks for the heads up!

  65. The image in the post above is just an image – it is not an active link. You must use the link you get in your email!

  66. Food Basics (ON) so far!

  67. That is so true. With apps like Flipp and Reebee, it’s just too easy to open it open, search for a product and add it to your list.
    Hoping this new format will help alert people to sales they might not have seen otherwise. 🙂

  68. Thanks Ava! I appreciate the support 🙂

  69. Nice! Congrats!

  70. log into your account, change something, update your account and try again 🙂

  71. When I did it, it was a couple of weeks from start to finish 🙂 Be patient. You will get a follow-up survey in a few days, then a few more days after that you will get your reward 🙂

  72. log into your account, change something, update your account and try again 🙂

  73. Have you tried using a different web browser and/or clearing your cache?

  74. log into your account, change something, update your account and try again 🙂

  75. Read the directions in the post! It’s all clearly detailed there 😉

  76. log into your account, change something, update your account and try again 🙂

  77. No. It’s a coupon… It’s just really slow / unstable. Just be patient and keep trying.

  78. Working fine here – just tried with my Instagram account. No win though 🙁

  79. You’re right 🙂 that was an old comment! This is a current post again!

  80. We have many small business owners and people who work in food service that follow our page. Why should we ignore a sample offer just because not everyone can get it? We post all offers available to Canadians. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the work we are doing 🙁

  81. Thanks! I’m so glad to hear it!

  82. Thank you so much!

  83. Sample packs were available to request March 31st, the order form was open for 1 day only.

  84. Use the Go To Offer button to be directed to the sample request form.

  85. I went to Walmart to get my Coconut and they didn’t have that either.. thinking I will try Freshco next.

  86. Congratulations 😀 Make sure to invite us 😉

  87. The email was sent before 9am ET, when the offer was live. You simply weren’t fast enough – sorry!

  88. Nothing is wrong. The nofrills flyer this week is almost identical to the one from last week, so same deals!

  89. Coupons vary by location sometimes. My mom lives 45 minutes from us, and her inserts are sometimes a little different from ours. 🙁

  90. I’ve never had an issue before. 🙂

  91. The coupon is on our SmartSource portal here:

  92. I think you may have mis-read. After entering it say “If you’ve won, you’ll receive an email saying so”.

  93. It’s not currently accessible via the homepage – that’s why we provide the links within the post 😉

  94. Not everyone gets the same offers on Checkout 51..

  95. Did you try a different web browser?

  96. It says right on the FLARE website, Ships May 15th 🙂

  97. This is not a sample offer, its a mail in rebate 🙂

  98. Good offers don’t last long! Sorry 🙁 We’ll keep an eye out though – they might be back!

  99. Happy to help! That’s what we’re here for 😀

  100. The rebate is sold out! Sorry!

  101. Try accessing the offer from a desktop or laptop computer.

  102. Very top of the Terms & Conditions in bold lettering “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. OPEN TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF CANADA (excluding Quebec) and THE UNITED STATES (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) WHO HAVE REACHED THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN (18) AS OF APRIL 22, 2015.”

  103. We are not the company that sends out the samples! We are simply here to share the offers with you! When you see a posting about an offer that interests you, use the GO TO OFFER button within the post to access the offer directly. From there you will need to register / sign up / complete what ever information is required.
    Hope that helps.

  104. Use the Go To Offer button to reach the BzzAgent website. You sign up there! You will need to complete a registration form and survey.

  105. No it’s not. It’s valid until April 19th. Today is the 17th.

  106. Sorry! Fixed!

  107. Ours came in the Peterborough Examiner on Thursday 🙂

  108. Due to high traffic volumes, the site was temporarily experiencing technical issues. Please try again!

  109. If you read the entire post, the answer to your question is there..

  110. The item I ordered included free shipping.

  111. Try typing it in manually instead of copying and pasting. It does work 🙂

  112. Whoops! Thanks for the heads up!

  113. Unfortunately, sometimes that will happen. It seems every store has it’s own rules sometimes..

  114. It’s a great feeling isn’t it 🙂

  115. Great question – wrong coupons!
    For the Sunlight I didn’t use a $3 wub2 different products, I used 2 x $3 off Sunlight Dish Pacs Coupon from Shopper’s Voice (1 was mine and 1 was Ryans). Then I used the Free Dish Soap wub Dish Pacs coupon from Redplum April 3rd.
    For the Scrubbing Bubbles I purchased the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush and used a $1 off coupon, I used the Buy a Fresh Brush, Get a Toilet Gels Free Coupon from Right@Home on the Toilet Gels.
    In both instances, only 1 coupon is being applied per product and yes, it is completely allowed. It’s not stacking, it’s an effect strategy for combining coupons. Just because you are getting a free product when buying a product (BOGO Coupon) doesn’t mean you can’t also use a dollars off coupon on the product you are purchasing.
    I hope that makes sense 🙂
    For a little more clarity, we’ve written a guide that covers combining coupon here:

  116. Thanks 🙂
    Your question is a bit of a fuzzy area. To use the $5 wus $15 coupon in conjunction with the $7 warmer or B2G1 coupon is actually stacking. The only way it would work is if you bought the warmer with the $7 coupon, then spent an additional $15 to use the $5 off coupon. You can’t cover the remaining balance owing on the warmer with the $5 wus $15 coupon.
    I hope that makes sense 🙂
    For a little more clarity, we’ve written a guide that covers combining coupon here:

  117. Please follow the directions in the post to request your coupon.

  118. I will for sure!

  119. Yes you can!

  120. The offer was originally posted March 1st. I usually allow up to 8 weeks for any freebie 🙂 So we’ve got a few more weeks to wait!

  121. Probably Redplum

  122. Please take a few seconds to actually read / look at the post. It’s clearly been marked as expired as well as the expiry date of the offer has clearly been written as March 23rd. Could be why you’re having issues 😉

  123. For the most recent SampleSource (yesterday), yes it is.

  124. Unfortunately the coupons ran out quickly. There may be more tomorrow, so keep checking back 🙂

  125. This offer has been running since 9:30 am ET. There is simply only so many samples to go around. As it states in the post, Supplies deteriorate as more samplers are requested. Sorry but 4 is better than 0 🙂

  126. No, stock is simply just running out. They went live at 9:30 this morning so thousand of samples have already been requested.

  127. Awesome! Thanks for the update!

  128. That’s what we’re here for! Glad to hear you got your sampler 😀

  129. For sure!
    4 x $1 off any Glade Product (excludes Solids, Ultra & Aerosols)
    $2 off any Ziploc Brand Space Bag Products
    $1 off Ziploc Brand Container
    B2G1 Free Glade Aerosols
    $2 off wub2 Saran Brand Products
    All coupons expire Aug 31, 2015

  130. We post any we come across 🙂 Just follow us on Facebook & join our newsletter, and we send out alerts anytime there is a new hot offer. The Ziploc coupons came from, we posted the offer a few weeks back, but they are no longer available.

  131. You can find these acronyms and more in our Terms & Abbreviations Guide:
    If you are new to couponing, I strongly suggest having a browse through our free How To Coupon Guide:

  132. Use the orange GO TO OFFER button to access the contest page!

  133. Please read the post details for information on this offer..

  134. As of 7:05am ET I still see the coupon available!

  135. Sorry about that! We were having some technical issues. You can find the entry page here:

  136. It will be an actual bar!
    Sorry about that! We were having some technical issues. You can find the entry page here:

  137. Sorry about that! We were having some technical issues. You can find the entry page here:

  138. Sorry about that! We were having some technical issues. You can find the entry page here:

  139. Sorry about that! We were having some technical issues. You can find the entry page here:

  140. This offer is marked as expired – it is no longer available. Sorry!

  141. click the link in the post, it will take you to the list.

  142. Yes you absolutely can! Just upload the receipt into both apps!

  143. They are linking to rules from an old contest :/ if you read the rules caption at the very bottom of the contest page it says “Contest Sponsor: Burnbrae Farms Limited™. Contest Period starts March 9, 2015 and closes June 15, 2015”

  144. Please try accessing the offer using a laptop or desktop computer

  145. Please follow the instructions in the post! You need to contact via email or PM on Facebook to request your new coupons.

  146. Please use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access this offer.

  147. Thanks 🙂 It was in the Mars Coupon Insert

  148. That’s how it works – you send it to a friend. Ask a friend or family member to sign up and send one to each other 🙂

  149. Awesome! Congrats!

  150. The mail out FPCs are long gone!

  151. No I don’t calculate tax. Since it varies from province to province it’s better just to work with product prices. Plus, it’s inescapable lol

  152. Please take a moment and read the post – all of the details are written right there 😉

  153. Please note – our website is in no way affiliate with M&M Meat Shops or The Final End Contest. We have simply posted the information so users are aware of the promotion. If you have any concerns or issues with this promotion, I suggest to direct them to M&M Meat Shops directly. We are unable to assist you with any technical issues related to this contest.

  154. Please note – our website is in no way affiliate with M&M Meat Shops or The Final End Contest. We have simply posted the information so users are aware of the promotion. If you have any concerns or issues with this promotion, I suggest to direct them to M&M Meat Shops directly. We are unable to assist you with any technical issues related to this contest.

  155. Please note – our website is in no way affiliate with M&M Meat Shops or The Final End Contest. We have simply posted the information so users are aware of the promotion. If you have any concerns or issues with this promotion, I suggest to direct them to M&M Meat Shops directly. We are unable to assist you with any technical issues related to this contest.

  156. Unfortunately you’re simply too late. As it notes in the title – this offer is gone!

  157. This offer is no longer available.

  158. That’s what we’re here for!

  159. Unfortunately some users are having this error. Try switching browsers or clearing your cookies / cache!

  160. I would recommend to reaching out to Mott’s directly for some help 😀

  161. You will find all of the winner announcement posts here:

  162. I’m sorry? Your comment is not on a post about Shredded Wheat’s offer. That offer is here: And the purple go to offer button is in the same place it always is..

  163. Please follow the instructions in the post!

  164. Please follow the instructions in the post!

  165. What’s crowdsocial? Never heard of it.

  166. They should come in either your local newspaper or flyer bundle.

  167. I wasn’t aware it was missing :/ I just looked into it and a small string of code had been accidentally removed. Should be working fine now. Sorry about that – but thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  168. There should be an application that loads in the middle of the page.

  169. Please actually take the time to read the details in the post! That’s why I write them 😉 “They are doing so by replying to each individual commenter who qualifies so you should get a notification if you win.”

  170. Please follow the instructions in the post to get your coupon

  171. It’s not a scam – why would you say that? You’re clearly misinformed. Did you follow all of the necessary steps? Did you purchase the participating products? Did you locate the PIN codes inside? Did you navigate to the redemption site via the purple Go To Offer button? Did you register and insert those PINS that you found in the products you purchased? From there you should be able to pick the free product coupon of your choice. Hundreds of others have been able to successfully order theirs. If you didn’t complete all of those steps, that would be why you didn’t get a FPC yet. Oh, and further more, if you want clarification, why not try contacting Kellogg’s directly – I’m sure they will let you know it’s not a scam either.

  172. I guess that’s why the specification “redeemable at select Walmart stores”. :/ Sorry!

  173. Wow! That’s awesome – congrats!

  174. The coupon should specify if the taxes are to be included or not. Normally, they should be.

  175. It took about 6 months for mine to arrive, so just be patient 🙂

  176. Use the purple Go To Offer Button to access the link

  177. Ummm… It is 13 digits 😉 Try again!

  178. Use the purple Click Here To Go To The Offer button to sign up!

  179. SampleSource was not live – sorry for the confusion. The email went out simply to inform users who weren’t aware about the SampleSource program.

  180. Oh wow! That’s so awesome! Congrats – and please share a photo when it arrives! I’d love to see what you got 🙂

  181. They should be mailed

  182. There are 2 different available coupons from P&G – 1 for $1 off and the other for $2.50 wub2

  183. That’s strange. Have you reached out to Campbell’s directly about this issue? They may be able to help

  184. The form is no longer available for download (I’ve just expired this post). When it was available, it was legit.

  185. Use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access the contest page.

  186. I fixed it 😛

  187. Are you on a mobile device?

  188. YAY! Congratulations!

  189. Use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button 😉

  190. Just ask for the coupon 🙂 They only offer one a year

  191. Our flyers are all based out of Ontario, unless otherwise stated.

  192. I wondered that. Like from entering a past contest or something!

  193. Working fine here. Maybe try using a different browser.

  194. Wow that’s awesome! Congrats to him!

  195. Hello Yvette. Sorry you’re having problems with our site. You can find links to our posts by following the BIG PURPLE GO TO OFFER BUTTON below each and everything post details.

  196. Don’t forget you can Save your coupons for later! That way you won’t miss out and can order it when more coupons become available to you!

  197. This giveaway ended in March 2012!

  198. You don’t need a cell phone to use Twitter! We’ve got an easy to follow, how to use Twitter guide here:

  199. what do you mean it won’t let you enter?

  200. The rules don’t say it excludes Quebec but apparently their is no Quebec option in the form. Another SaveaLoonian has emailed Starbucks to figure out which is in error. Thanks!

  201. I’m not entirely sure what your problem is but no, I don’t really appreciate you leaving nasty comments on my site. The offer works fine – works fine for me and the hundreds of other people who accessed it.
    Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps? Are you on mobile or desktop? Have you tried using a different browser? Have you tried deleting your cookies / cache? Maybe you have a pop-up blocker that is blocking the i-frame from loading on the Walmart site? Maybe you could try contacting Walmart or directly regarding your issues instead.

    Best of luck!

  202. This post was just updated this morning. Use the purple Go To Offer button to be directed to the coupons.

  203. It’s really not difficult. Use the purple Go To Offer button within the post to access the offer, then follow the simply step-by-step directions of the contest. The first thing it asks is for your province & the product purchased, then on the next screen there is a big, red button that says “Enter PIN Now”

  204. Great deal! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  205. The match-ups will return this week 🙂

  206. Are you on a mobile device?

  207. This post is already in the expired category so I don’t know what your whining about.

  208. You still need to request them each and every time they become available. P&G just doesn’t automatically send them out!

  209. Yup! This was the sampler we posted on October 7th! Here is the link:

  210. I used to but haven’t in a while. Do you often find good deals there? Should I consider adding it back into the list?

  211. Thats so cool! I’d love to see a photo when it arrives!

  212. That’s awesome! Great to hear 🙂

  213. There is no GO To Offer button as there are 2 entry links for the promotion. Use the CLICK HERE TO ENTER ON FACEBOOK & CLICK HERE TO ENTER ON TWITTER links to participate.

  214. Congrats! Thanks for sharing!

  215. Happy to be doing it! My passion is saving Canadians money and there isn’t any better way to do it than with freebies!

  216. Thank you Joanne!

  217. The site is currently down, there should be more samples available when they are back up and running. Just keep checking back 🙂

  218. Follow the link in the BIG PURPLE GO TO OFFER button 😀

  219. You are very welcome!

  220. Whoops – started typing on the wrong line and didn’t realize LOL Thanks – fixed 🙂

  221. If you want to be able to access all of the coupons, giveaways & freebies on Twitter, than there is no reason for you not to have a Twitter account. Have a read through our Easy Guide to Twitter:

  222. Ah! No kids, so I guess that’s why I didn’t qualify!

  223. It’s really not difficult. Use the purple Go To Offer button within the post to access the offer, then follow the simply step-by-step directions of the contest. The first thing it asks is for your province & the product purchased, then on the next screen there is a big, red button that says “Enter PIN Now”

  224. Sorry about that – fixed!

  225. Try using a different browser!

  226. That means you we requested on. Your sampler will be sent to the address on your P&G Everyday account and everyone gets all the samples offered which is why you didn’t need to choose the ones you want 🙂

  227. Yes, unfortunately it’s gone 🙁

  228. Are you using the purple Go To Offer button?

  229. Woohoo! Congrats!

  230. You don’t need a cell phone for Twitter. You can access it from a computer. Check out our Easy Guide to Twitter here:

  231. You will have to contact Majesta directly for this information

  232. Woohoo! Congrats! You’re the first winner I’ve heard from on this one!

  233. I don’t know who exactly told you it was false, but I can assure you it’s not. This offer was posted on the Shoppers Drug Mart Facebook Page this morning. You can read the post yourself here: As a matter of fact, they even just reposted it 3 minutes ago! And I got a confirmation email from Shoppers after I completed the offer.

  234. First line of the profile update form – right above where you put your email address.

  235. This post is actually under the expired category as it’s no longer available. Sorry about that!

  236. I haven’t gotten mine yet either. I think it takes about 24 hours to get your code.

  237. I just checked it, and it appears all of the samples have now been claimed! Sorry you missed out, but thanks for the heads up 🙂

  238. Well you needn’t worry anymore! Congrats – and enjoy your vacation!

  239. Did you receive the email from Shopper’s Voice or the email from us. As stated in the post, you must receive an email from Shopper’s Voice with a unique link to claim your samples.

  240. All of the details are in the post, please actually take a moment to read it. Thanks!

  241. Are you using a mobile device?

  242. Of course! The more the merrier 🙂 Be sure to reference our FREE How To Coupon Guide too! You can find it here:

  243. So we have a record of offers from the past. As you can tell if you take a second to read, this offer is marked as expired & has been removed from the regular post categories.

  244. Notice: Function map_meta_cap was called incorrectly. The post type review is not registered, so it may not be reliable to check the capability "edit_post" against a post of that type. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.4.0.) in /home/save5478/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5833

    No, actually I never got mine either. And we’re moving this week so I sure hope it gets here very soon!

  245. Hidden Coupons actually don’t combine into a single order. You are able to place an individual order for each coupon / coupon portal that you want 🙂

  246. Walmart does accept competitor coupons, but according to their policy, it is suppose to have a final sale price on it. For example, if the coupons said “Save $1, Pay only $2.99 after coupon” or something of the sort. The other thing that someone else mentioned too, the Target coupons can be stacked with the SmartSource Printable for $2 off for an even better deal 🙂

  247. Thanks so much Jo-Anne 🙂 Same to you!

  248. You’re having a great mail day! First the BzzAgent then the BrandPower! Congrats! Feel free to share a photo on our Facebook Page!

  249. AHH! That was fast! I hope mine comes today too! 🙂

  250. Walmart should carry it, and so should Superstore 🙂

  251. Use the Go To Offer button to access the request form 🙂

  252. You should probably get your facts straight before throwing out accusations. No one was selected before the offer even opened, that doesn’t make any sense! If you have an issue, could you be a little more specific about what it is?

  253. This contest is now over actually (as you can read in the post details, it closed August 31st) which is likely why you’re having issues 🙂

  254. Just your account is fine 🙂

  255. What is blank? Are you on mobile or desktop? Have you tried switching browsers?

  256. The subject line of the email was: New Campaign: Amp up your hair care routine with a 10-in-1 treatment solution

  257. A large number of contests & promotions require entrants to have a Facebook account. I suggest getting one, even if just to enter contests etc.

  258. If you were selected for this campaign, there should be a delivery time frame in the email 🙂

  259. Yes I believe so

  260. Thanks for the heads up! I fixed it 🙂

  261. Congratulations on your win! And thank you so much for the nice message. It means the world to us when people like you take a minute out of your day to leave us a comment!

    Here’s hoping your luck is turning around & you’re on a winning streak now! Good luck & Thanks agin 🙂

  262. Yup. That’s the first word in the post – **OVER**. Please always be sure to actually read the post details before clicking off 🙂

  263. Use the purple GO TO THE OFFER button to enter 🙂

  264. Yes, they will still be sending out inserts in the mail

  265. Congrats! Be sure to share a photo when it arrives 🙂

  266. Add another win to the list for Lucky 😉 Congrats!

  267. We are in no way affiliate with Club Sobeys. Please forward your request directly onto them.

  268. Make sure you leave your comment on the Sears post to be entered! Good luck!

  269. If you took a few seconds to read the post, you would notice it is actually the easiest type of contest to enter. “comment below, share your own most vivid back-to-school memory (or picture!) for your chance to win a $250 Sears Gift Card!” All you have to do is leave a comment on the linked post.

  270. Oh geez. LOL I just read it back! That’s what happens before I’ve finished my first tea 😉

  271. Hasn’t happened for today yet. Check the date on the pin 🙂

  272. I’ve been doing this for several years now, so I’ve always got a steady flow of stuff coming in. If you’re new to all of this, it could seem like it’s taking forever for stuff to start coming to you, but just be patient and it will happen.
    I don’t really use the site to better my chances. I never use personal referral links for contests. There is lots of stuff I miss out on too, but I don’t post about those 😉 It’s just fun to share my successes because others find it encouraging, and I love seeing your brags too 🙂
    I hope that kind of helps 🙂

  273. It’s still available 🙂

  274. It’s not added to the box, it’s a watermark 🙂

  275. What do you mean?

  276. Are you on a mobile device?

  277. Thanks for the heads up – I’ve fixed it 🙂

  278. Really? I had it shared with us by a fan and I am very careful not to share offers that ask not to be shared. I looked and didn’t see that information anywhere. I’ll look again, or if you have a link where that info is, I would greatly appreciate it.

  279. Of course we will! By past precedent, it will be in early Oct.

  280. That is so awesome! I’m so glad to hear you got one too! I adore Post-it Notes & like you, I can find a million and 1 uses for them!

  281. Yes, it was an error – thanks for the heads up! It has since been corrected 🙂

  282. Are you keeping track of everything you’ve won this year because I would sure love to see that list!!! Congrats to you all – especially the birthday boy 😉

  283. That is so awesome! Congratulations on your wins!

  284. All of my match-ups are done based on Ontario flyers (unless otherwise stated) so if you are in a different province, you might not have the same deal. But in the ON, it is in the “regular” flyer, not the grocery flyer, on page 23. Hope that helps!

  285. Thanks so much Tammy! That means a lot to us 🙂

  286. You are so welcome! Getting messages like yours makes it all worth while <3

  287. Huh – that is crazy lol

  288. Wow! That’s amazing Corry! Honestly, you are so stinkin lucky! Enjoy all of your free food but I think you mean Schneiders product coupons – not Maple Leaf Foods 😉 LOL

  289. LOL It’s Monday – it happens! Happy to hear it worked though 🙂

  290. worked fine for me. Did you try typing it in, or just copying and pasting?

  291. Sorry! Was the wrong link – fixed now 🙂

  292. Congrats 😀

  293. There were only 2000 razors available, and over 16000 subscribers on our newsletter as well as over 64,000 people on our Facebook Page. Maybe you should be a little quicker to the keyboard next time as many others were able to get one 😉

  294. Woohoo! Congrats!

  295. LOL the funny thing is, Ryan received one of his coupons in the mail yesterday, and he still hasn’t gotten the STQ email yet! Go figure lol

  296. WOW! Congrats! I got an email too 🙂

  297. Whoops! That’s from a previous post, there is currently only 1 code available.

  298. Thanks for the update!

  299. Yay! 4 or 5 others reported getting them on Friday! Congrats – I’m hoping I score one too!

  300. Wow! Congrats!

  301. Nice! Enjoy 😀

  302. You need to contact Sobeys directly. We are not affiliated with the program in any way

  303. Use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access the request form.

  304. You can send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter or you can send us a message via our contact form here:

    We do already have that contest posted though, thanks!

  305. No it’s not! Just the first 100 prizes have been awarded! There are still more available 🙂

  306. Thanks Rob 🙂 Let us know when you get it!

  307. That is super organized!

  308. No actually, we live in Peterbrough, ON! We post every great offer we find, so just follow us so you don’t miss out.

  309. Oh my goodness! That would be exciting! Congratulations!

  310. Congrats Lucky! 😉

  311. Use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access the contest

  312. Congrats 😀

  313. YAY! Great to hear you got it!

  314. WHY DOES NO ONE READ THE POST DETAILS?!?!?! “If you opt in before the coupon supplies run out, you will receive an email the week of July 21st with details on how you can redeem your coupon.”

  315. Yes! Someone let us know last week they got theirs, I’m still waiting though 🙂

  316. WOW! That’s crazy! And that’s a bummer to hear the head didn’t live up to expectations

  317. Hmm. I didn’t get a shortlist survey yesterday! I wonder what it could be for! However, if you are chosen, you should receive an email in a few days to a week letting you know if you’re in. Please let me know 🙂

  318. Yes there is. You obviously didn’t take the time to read my post or the coupon page. Please in future, read more carefully.

    *Be sure you are clicking the smaller link under the Get Your Coupon button on their page.*

    To our Canadian friends:
    Print this coupon for guacamole savings, eh!

  319. Awesome! Congrats to Mr Lucky 😉

  320. Use the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access the offer 🙂

  321. Woot woot! That’s amazeballs! Huge congrats! Guess I’ll skip my 9am play 😉

  322. Just click the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button to access the offer.

  323. You are so welcome! What a great prize to win – Congrats!

  324. No need to be so upset! It’s really not that difficult. You access the offer from our site by using the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button. Once at the offer, all you have to do is type you email address in the brown bar that says “TYPE YOUR EMAIL HERE TO GET STARTED”, a click of the big black ENTER NOW button and your on your way.

  325. Hi Elle!

    Sorry to hear you had some troubles at the till! You are in fact, correct with your interpretation of the wording. One coupon per purchase implies the use of one coupon per item, a transaction is an accumulation of all of your purchases.

    If a coupon states 1 per purchase, you should be able to use multiples of the same coupon provided you have an equal number of coupons to products. Coupons that are more restrictive will state 1 per transaction, 1 per customer or 1 per household, all of which imply you can only use 1.

    I hope that helps 🙂 Also, if you dissatisfied with your service at SDM, I know many people have gotten positive responses from SDM Corporate. Send them an email, or call the head office and explain the situation. They may be able to contact your store to clarify the wording so you, and other couponers don’t run into the same issue!

  326. What exactly isn’t working? If you are getting the existing user message you have already requested one of these samplers. If you have not in fact, requested one I suggest sending a PM to Gwen on the P&G everyday Canada FB Page or sending them an email. Good luck!

  327. Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the company. I have never personally had any contact with them, so I can’t give you any advice.

    What I can tell you is the product is sold at Costco online. You can find it here: There is some information there that may answer your questions 🙂

  328. Calm down! It’s not a scam, I can assure you of that. There are only 100 free items per day and THOUSANDS of people trying all at the exact same time you are, to claim them.

    It’s suppose to be fun, not easy! LOL Just keep trying, you will get one eventually 🙂 Read the comments on our FB Post, dozens of happy couponers getting free products! Good luck!

  329. Very soon! The CartSmart Android Contest just closed yesterday, so I’m expecting it will be *Hopefully* next week 🙂

  330. Use the links provided to request your samples.

  331. You’re on mobile, right? Try viewing in desktop mode from your mobile device, or try accessing the offer from a desktop or laptop computer.

  332. That’s because you are likely using a mobile device. Facebook applications are not compatible with Facebook mobile. Try viewing in desktop mode or from a Desktop or laptop computer

  333. Use the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button 🙂

  334. Are you clicking the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button on the post?

  335. Un-stinkin-believable. Would you PLEASE share a little of your luck with lil’ ol’ me?!?!
    Congrats on another win, Lucky 😉

  336. That coupon was exclusively available in the mail out insert, it was not available for order online.

  337. Should be soon! They are just putting the finishing touches on it 🙂

  338. Congrats Corry – I think I’m just going to start calling you Lucky 🙂

  339. Hey Mary, make sure you click the purple GO TO OFFER BUTTON above to view the Maybelline post where you need to enter. Here is a direct link:

  340. This offer is no longer available.

  341. Are you on a mobile device?

  342. Are you on mobile or desktop? Have you tried using a different browser?

  343. Try the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button 😉

  344. I have no idea – I haven’t had an problems. Have you tried contacting Lindt directly?

  345. Try again, it seems to be working better now!

  346. If you actually read the post, all of the details are there…

  347. Try switching browsers

  348. Yup – I did make note of that in the post 🙂

  349. Lucky! Congrats Corry!

  350. Use the purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button below the post information to access any offer from our site 🙂

  351. It sure does! The fine print on the offer states there is no weekly limit!

  352. You can access any offer we post by simply clicking the big purple CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER button found underneath the post information. We don’t try to hide or blend our links, most users actually find the button easier than searching for a little highlighted link. Any links you find within our post content are simply links to additional resources.

    As for this contest, and the yellow screen issue, try switching browsers. We’ve had several reports of users having the same issue when using Chrome (I believe). We use Firefox regularly and haven’t had an issue.

    Hope that helps!

  353. Peterborough, ON – Chemong store.

  354. YAY! Congrats!

  355. WOO! Congratulations 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it.

  356. Awesome! Congrats!

  357. No freaking way!!!! That is so incredible! I’m so jealous LOL

    Congrats Corry – you’ve had lots of wins this year!

  358. It’s Playtex Mommyville

  359. Yes, they sample confirmation was just an autoresponder. Unfortunately, they weren’t expecting the high volume of requests and weren’t able to get it turned off in time. If you missed out this time, not to worry – more samples will be available in the summer!

  360. Did you even read the post? It was not a scam nor were they just looking for emails. And of course you wouldn’t hear of anybody receiving anything but emails, because those that are actually still receiving the sample wouldn’t have gotten it.

  361. I suggest reaching out to Allerject directly to try and receive a trainer. Good luck!

  362. Yes, I believe so.

  363. No problem – that’s what we’re here for 🙂

  364. My guess is you’re probably on mobile and aren’t aware that FB applications don’t work with Facebook mobile 😉 Take a few moments, and read this guide for tips on how to use Facebook in desktop mode:

    Do note though, there is no guarantee that any apps will work on your mobile device. We ALWAYS suggest accessing coupon, contest & freebie offers from a desktop or laptop computer whenever possible

  365. Are you on mobile? If so try locating the View Desktop Site option within your FB menu. Once you locate it then go to their FB page manually and you should be able to see the Tab where the giveaway is.

  366. Unfortunately no, you should not be using a coupon with this CO51 offer. Most times, it is ok, but when the terms on an offer state “not to be combined”, you should only use 1 or the other.

  367. Yes, I do believe most companies do honest draws. The majority of contest / giveaway winners are determined by random computer generated draw. If you are interested in obtaining winner names, always check near the bottom of a promotions rules & regulations / terms & conditions as it will usually give you a date & address that you can contact for a list of winners.
    Hope that helps!

  368. All offers we post are 100% safe. We look for important key aspects before sharing them with our community. Your safety is our top priority. We would never post an offer that looks even remotely suspicious.
    We include all relevant details for each offer within the post. Be sure to read the information before proceeding so you know what you are doing BEFORE you get involved in the offer.
    Hope that helps!

  369. Woohoo! It has been a great month overall for mail! Enjoy all of your goodies 😀

  370. 3000 samples available each day at noon EST

  371. Any mail day where you get coupons & freebies is a great mail day! I post my Great Mail Days so that others can see when samples & coupons are arriving at my house, and can watch for the same items (if they requested them) to be arriving at their homes too. We also, always encourage other SaveaLoonians to post their Great Mail Days, after all, we are just one big community and sharing is caring! Hope that helps 🙂

  372. That sounds like a GREAT Mail Day for sure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  373. Yay – Congratulations!

  374. Thanks – must have read over that part 😛

  375. Please read the post details.

  376. Not the email from us – you will receive an email from Shoppers Voice.

  377. Hard to say. Not everyone is selected for every offer.

  378. They were sent out this morning, however, it is possible that more emails have yet to go out.

  379. The email comes from Shoppers Voice – not P&G.

  380. The bookmarks feature is working for me. What browser are you using?

  381. Congrats! You’ve had a lucky few days!

  382. You need to be sure you are registering with P&G Everyday CANADA! There is also an American Page, which is why you may be having issues. Use the link within the post to access the appropriate page 🙂

  383. It works fine for me. Try manually typing the code in – not copying & pasting. You can also try taking the 0 off the front.

  384. Oh that’s exciting – what did he win?!?

  385. No, not that I’m aware of! Who was the return label? That might give you some clue as to were it came from. In any case, that’s awesome!

  386. Low and behold, you are correct! I was at my MIL earlier, looked at her flyer and saw the Scrubbing Bubbles etc. Just checked my online flyer and some how it got switched to Edmonton, AB! Go figure!

  387. PINs work fine. Try typing them out not copying and pasting 🙂

  388. I base my match-ups from Ontario flyers (unless otherwise indicated) so if you aren’t from ON, the sale might not be valid in your province. On that note, the Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner is on page 4 of our flyer. Hope that helps!

  389. Of course – happy to help 🙂

  390. Thanks for the taking the time to send us this message! It means the world to us to hear from people, like yourself, that we’ve helped them save money! Happy Easter to you and your entire family, furbabies included!

  391. It means the coupon came in the RedPlum April 4th 2014 coupon insert 🙂

  392. You might want to try typing them in, not copying and pasting.

  393. Congratulations!

  394. Click the purple Go To The Offer button to access the contest page

  395. Nice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  396. You should be able to. This is a completely new promotion so there should be no reason you can’t order it. I was able to and so were many other people.

  397. That was a different offer – April 1st we requested sample packs from SampleSource. P&G is complete separate company.

  398. It’s a mail coupon – not print.

  399. Use the purple Go To The Offer button to access the contest.

  400. There really is no technique. The game has no result on whether you win or not. It’s decided by what time you enter

  401. Congratulations 🙂

  402. Woohoo! That’s so awesome – Congrats!

  403. I’ve heard of others having that issue too 🙁 I suggest reaching out to SampleSource here:

    The Christie Crackers offer is actually not a coupon – it is for cash back rebates. Use the links provided in the match-ups to access the specific offers.

  404. Thanks – I will be sure to look for that one when I get the Safeway flyer tomorrow!

  405. Congratulations 🙂

  406. Yes, I believe you may be right!

  407. Be sure you are using the purple Go To The Offer button located at the bottom of each post to access the offer.

  408. Yay! That’s great to hear 🙂

  409. Thanks so much! Good luck!

  410. Thanks so much!

  411. Cateloupe is/was a Bonus Offer on SnapSaves. Bonus Offers may not be available to all users.

  412. PIN Codes are found printed on the toy and / or leaflet that comes inside the egg.

  413. I’m not entirely sure what your problem with our website is? All of the info your asking for is clearly laid out in front of you, including the coupons you’ve mentioned here.
    A “SmartSource Preview” is simply a list of the coupons available in that insert. I’m not sure of any other way in which to lay out the information? If you have some sort of suggest, please feel free to pass it on.

  414. Thanks Shannon 🙂 I will – I always do!

  415. Wow! You have more patience than I! I gave up on Nutella long ago LOL
    Thanks for the update on the robot head – I’m happy to hear they are keeping you posted on its status. I can’t wait to see it LOL

  416. Not working for me either right now. The RWoP has been having some issues the last few days, try again in a little while 🙂

  417. Every offer is different. Some require a win, some are first come first served & some come by surprise! I try to explain in each post where the coupons & products all came from.

  418. Here’s hoping they make it soon!

  419. It wasn’t working earlier but it is now. I was able to enter successfully with the 2 UPCs in the post.

  420. That would be why. The contest is hosted on a Facebook application that is not compatible with mobile. Try entering from a computer 🙂

  421. Congrats and thanks for sharing some UPC’s 😀

  422. It’s working fine here. Are you perhaps trying to access it from a mobile device?

  423. Thanks for letting me know. I will expire the post.

  424. Woohoo! Congrats!

  425. Awe! There is a small chance they may just be checking stock and might open up again later. It has happened in the past, but no guarantees.

  426. Yay! That’s great to hear and you’re welcome!
    Yes, we will do an alert for P&G brandSAMPLER when it goes live too!

  427. Oh how cool! If you can, I’d love it if you shared a photo on our Facebook Wall 🙂

  428. Make sure you access the giveaway page by using the purple Go To Offer button 🙂

  429. Thanks for the comment!
    I would say L’Oreal, Garnier, Udderly Smooth, Purdy’s Chocolatier, Dempster’s are all good ones to follow 🙂

  430. Unfortunately there isn’t one! Safeway is located mainly in western Canada.

  431. Lot’s of great stuff – thanks for sharing! And – you’re welcome 🙂

  432. Yummy! Enjoy!

  433. Congrats! Let me know when you do!

  434. WOW! Those are some great wins! Congratulations 🙂

  435. Good to know! I love smoothies 🙂

  436. Thank you so much for the ideas! I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to use them, but you’ve given me some good ones 😀

  437. It’s 2 samples per household but 1 person cannot order 2 samples. You’d need 2 names & email addresses

  438. Make sure you order yours here:

  439. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  440. That’s great to hear! Thanks for the message 🙂

  441. Perfect! That is exactly the reason I wrote it 🙂 Thanks for the positive feedback.

  442. Happy to help!

  443. Thanks for the great feedback!

  444. So glad we could help 🙂

  445. You are very welcome! Thanks for your positive feedback. It’s the best feeling know that we’ve helped some one 🙂

  446. That is a touching story! All of the best to you and your daughter and good luck in the contest!

  447. You are very welcome! Good luck!

  448. haha! so true! Did you ever receive that Sugar Crisp robotic head? lol

  449. You’re very welcome! Sounds like a great day!

  450. Great find! Thanks for sharing!

  451. We haven’t received our Mrs Dash sample yet either! You do understand, we are not responsible for the shipment of any sample.

  452. Help is ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks for pointing those out 🙂

  453. Thanks for the message! We love hearing such positive feedback from Community members 🙂

  454. Hey Tera! While we appreciate the compliment – we are actually Canadian only! We are lucky enough to have SmartSource printable coupons too 🙂

  455. It’s getting reposted on all of the other Coupon Blogs now, it is slow loading. You have to understand that THOUSANDS of other people are trying to do the same thing you are at the exact same moment. You MUST be patient 🙂

  456. While we appreciate your concern, it is important to note, has NO control of what companies ask for what permissions. Also, no request or intrusive behaviour will result in you allow Permissions, it simply is a way for applications to be allowed for you to “Share” them.

  457. Try using a different internet browser. Some users are reporting issues with Internet Explorer.

  458. Try using a different internet browser!

  459. You are very welcome! 🙂

  460. Well it appears someone has their wires crossed then!

  461. No it’s not. It clearly states “Contest is open to all residents of Canada (excluding Quebec).”

  462. Its in the NoFrills Ontario flyer on Page 6. The Kits aren’t pictured, just the refills and Cascade in the same block, however Kits are listed in the fine print. Hope that helps!

  463. The contest entry form is working fine here, so there is no error.
    It is possible you have a pop-up blocker enable on your Internet browser. Try turning it off and accessing the page again.

  464. LOL No worries Holly. We only started the enewsletter a year and a bit ago.

    Please do sign up, and don’t forget to confirm your subscription 🙂

  465. Use the purple Go To Offer button below the post content. It is in the same spot every time.

  466. Thanks for the heads up! Will remove it from the active list 🙂

  467. Yes, sorry! I’ve fixed the link now 🙂

  468. No, I haven’t yet. Still patiently waiting.

  469. I’m sure it will pick up. The beginning of the year can seem slow for good offers, but they will get going again soon! Spring Sample Season is right around the corner!

  470. Every SampleSource Spring Sampler has gone live on the first Tuesday of April. However the first Tuesday of 2014 April happens to fall on April Fools day… So we’re not sure 😉

  471. Are you on mobile or desktop? What internet browser are you using? We need to know details like these so we can help you.

  472. I ordered mine the day the form opened but haven’t received it yet.

  473. Sorry! It was a typo!

    Correct code is RENERGIE

  474. Thanks for sharing – however, that coupon is only available through the original source (newsletter or website). Thanks for sharing though!

  475. Since we are in Ontario, I can’t access the Save on Foods flyer until tomorrow. Check back then for SOF Match-Ups 🙂

  476. That’s awesome! Congrats! We’d love if you shared a photo on our Facebook page 🙂

  477. Thanks Valerie <3 We love getting notes like this - it makes everything we do, worth it!

  478. These coupons are not available by request. They are delivered in local papers across Canada.

  479. Thanks for letting me know! Fixed 🙂

  480. They gave 1000 of them away on their Facebook Page on Valentine’s Day.

  481. Thanks for letting me know!

  482. Thanks for sharing!

  483. Each of the winners is listed within an individual comment on the original contest post.

  484. That’s awesome! Congrats!

  485. You’re right. However when we first shared the form did not state such. They just put the US only details in. We’re sorry 🙁

  486. Thanks for letting me know – fixed now 🙂

  487. For distributors such as &, it is one coupon request per household. To get more copies, I suggest asking Friends & Family if you can sign them up too. Also, try trading coupons online & collecting coupons from various sources (print, tear pads, inserts etc).

    Hope that helps!

  488. Follow us! We post within minutes of it going live 🙂 We will also send a newsletter out right away when it happens! But you must ACT FAST – sample packs won’t last long at all!

  489. Actually – if you read the rules & regulations “4. Eligibility: Sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of thirteen (13)”. You DO NOT need to have a Student Price Card or be a student to enter.

  490. All of our winners are notified via email therefore it is not necessary to put there provinces publicly.

  491. This contest is over.

  492. When you reach the Pampers Rewards Page (after clicking the purple GO TO OFFER button on SaveaLoonie), you will see a box in the upper right hand side of the screen that says “Enter 15-Digit Code Here”. Just put you code there, then click submit!

  493. All you have to do is click the big PURPLE GO TO OFFER button bottom right of EACH post. It’s location never moves.

  494. Real Canadian Superstore West constitutes BC & AB. You may be able to price match, depending on your Walmart’s policy. Some allow Canada wide matching, while others are local only. I suggest contacting your store in advance to find out.

  495. Thanks for letting us know!

  496. I’m sorry to hear your family is going through a rough time. However, it is great to hear that we are helping, in some small way, to make life a little easier on you.

    Take care, all the best & if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  497. Be sure you click the purple Go To Offer button to access the coupon request form!

  498. Actually, there are several samples available from Nikwax. If you click on “The Rules” it says “Open to residents in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.”

  499. Geez! Every time you turn around there is another one 🙁
    Thanks for sharing!

  500. This contest was initially posted at 11 in the morning. We send out recaps each day to showcase everything posted that day.

    If you want to ensure you don’t miss anything, we suggest checking into the website regularly throughout the day.

  501. Please be more specific about what coupons or freebies you are unable to claim? Why are you unable to get them?

    Are you clicking the purple Go To Offer button? Are you using a mobile device?

    Have you tried reading our How To Use SaveaLoonie Guide here: and our What To Do If An Offer Doesn’t Work Guide here:

  502. No, this offer is no longer available.

  503. That’s amazing! Congrats!

  504. Works fine here – are you on mobile by chance?

  505. That’s not entirely accurate. Sometimes a form will include Quebec as an option and in the rules it will state excludes Quebec, if you don’t actually take the time to read the rules, you could be entering and presuming Quebec qualifies when in fact, they don’t. We always are sure to read terms & conditions / rules to give the most detailed information into our posts.

    In this case, its the opposite. It seems they forgot to include Quebec & Saskatchewan in the drop down so we could only assume they were excluded. The issue has now been fixed and Quebec is included.

  506. You are correct. I thought for sure Ford made the fiat. Will correct.

  507. I’m getting the same error this morning 🙁 Maybe they are working on the site?

  508. What coupon are you referring too?

  509. Keep scrolling. There are rules for 2 different contests on the same page 🙂 The Bigelow Tea Big Game Sweepstakes Facebook contest is open to Canadians 🙂

  510. Yes and no. You can sign up and get your first box free, then you pay $19.99 a month for subsequent boxes. You can skip 2 boxes per month. You can also leave Julep and completely cancel your subscription at any time.

  511. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even realize! So sorry – should be there now!

    Thanks for letting me know!

  512. Click the purple Go To Offer button

  513. Yes, unfortunately when other freebie sites start reposting our content, these offers do tend to get busy! Be patient 🙂

  514. It’s just slow. Be patient 🙂

  515. The link is not broken LOL The link is fine.

    It’s the Biore website being overrun and not loading. Keep trying. It will work eventually.

  516. Oh my gosh! That’s incredible! Congrats! Please feel free to share a photo on our Facebook page!

  517. Congrats! You’re very welcome 🙂

  518. Sure! Send an email to with your mailing address and I’ll mail it to you!

  519. We don’t actually 🙁 Closest is 30+ mins away.

  520. Oh cool! Congrats!

  521. Hey Vicki, are you on mobile? If so then that may be why. FB Tabs don’t work so well on mobile devices. HOWEVER, you can locate the “Desktop Mode” link while browsing Facebook on your mobile device. Click that and it should allow you to view FB Tabs. Here is a guide as well:

  522. Just follow along with us and you’ll be saving in no time!

  523. Might be slow now. As it is being re-posted everywhere. It has been going for a couple weeks now… We just got around to posting it today 😉

  524. Oh good! I’m so glad to hear it arrived 🙂

    Please feel free to share a photo on our Facebook Page!


  525. Yes – we updated the post a little while ago. The coupons are all out of stock now, however it looks as though we may have another promotion coming up tomorrow 🙂

  526. Internet explorer is the WORST browser to use to try and access coupons & freebies. I recommend using Firefox.

    Also, it is a very popular offer and is getting bogged down. Keep trying – it will work 🙂

  527. We won the XBOX ONE during the Doritos Win Every Hour Giveaway. We do Great Mail Day posts to encourage others and show you that it is possible to get FREE STUFF in the mail!

  528. Great find! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  529. It sound as though you could benefit from our How To Use SaveaLoonie Guide:

    Almost all of our offers will have a purple Go To Offer button under the content. Just click that button to be directed to an offer. That’s it!

    Links within content are to additional resources on our site.

  530. Wow! That is incredible! You’ve had some really great wins 🙂

    Congrats and good luck in 2014!

  531. We moderate comments. Sorry for the delay, we are usually quick with approving them! 😀

  532. Generally speaking, it is one or the other. However, it really all does depend on the store and ultimately the cashier.

  533. You’re right! I didn’t read the rules thoroughly enough. You can only register once and receive 1 coupon but you can return and enter daily for the trip.

    Thanks for point that out 🙂

  534. <3 we love you too!

  535. It came in our local paper.

  536. You would need to contact either Club Sobeys or Esso Extra directly.

  537. It all depends on how you answer questions. Companies decide who gets what samples based on the products you buy and use etc. Also, be sure to always do your follow up surveys!

    These companies provide samples so they can hear your feed back on the product. If you don’t help them, they won’t want to help us out any more 🙂

    Hope that helps and Happy Freebie Hunting!

  538. You must click the purple Go To Offer button to be directed to the contest entry form.

  539. We are totally real 🙂 While we do not send out samples directly, we do supply our community with links to companies offering freebies!

  540. Actually – This contest begins noon ET on January 1, 2014. Taken from the Official Rules & Regulations. So I’m not entirely sure which rules you are reading.

    Seeing as today is the January 2, 2014 – it’s been running for almost a whole day already 😉

  541. Thanks for the message 🙂 We love hearing such kind words, and we always appreciate hearing feedback and getting a heads-up on new/ expired offers! We will update now!

  542. We are in no way associated with Club Sobey’s. If you have any questions regarding your account, we suggest contacting Sobey’s directly 🙂

  543. Thank you very much Matthew. Your kind words are truly appreciated 🙂

    We consider everyone in our community to be a friend and so we treat everyone as we would someone we’ve known our whole lives 🙂

    Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you around in 2014!

  544. Congrats! Be sure to reply to your winner’s email by the deadline in order to claim your prize 🙂

  545. Click the purple Go To Offer button.

  546. Yes it went quick! Sorry 🙁 However it did say to come back every hour for another chance… That was before it said promotion has ended though. Fingers crossed!!!

  547. Winner emails have been sent to the address you used to register for the contest (the email associated with your Facebook account).

    If you still have not received an email, please contact us at

  548. That’s AMAZING! Congratulations! Nice win!

  549. What isn’t working? Everything seems fine here.

  550. Click the purple Go To Offer button to be directed to the contest.

  551. Click the purple Go To Offer button to be directed to the offer

  552. I think you may be confused with Flyerify…

    I would give them a shout for sure! Just to double check 🙂

  553. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  554. Ryan loves his Peppermint Mochas too!

  555. Click the purple Go To Offer button below the post content.

  556. Actually ALL of the offers we post are for Canadian residents!

  557. Another Canadian Winner was redrawn 🙂 Congratulations Kiara C!

  558. You should receive a confirmation email from Black River! Congrats 😀

  559. Yes, the link was wrong, Sorry! It’s fixed now 🙂

  560. All of that information is in the official rules & regulations for the giveaway.

  561. This promotion is over

  562. You must click the purple “Go To Offer” button on our post pages! Here is the link:

    Go go! 😀

  563. Thank you for your comment! I can most absolutely consider doing that! Actually, I think it’s a lovely idea 🙂

  564. It’s over now 🙁 We moved the post into the Expired Freebies category. Sorry about that!

  565. Just click the purple Go To Offer button – it takes you right to the form to fill out.

  566. It’s not our contest. If you are having issues – I suggest contacting Windsor Salt.

  567. Why – it’s open to Canadians. That’s all we focus on. Does it matter that American’s can enter too?

  568. It’s most likely they are all out now!

  569. NOPE – it clearly says “Survey open to residents of the US & Canada Only. Please read the amended note in the post.

  570. We actually don’t get incentive from most offers. We post them for you because we know users will enjoy them.

    The Leons pillow coupon was only available for a few select days. If you missed out during that time, then unfortunately you are out of luck.

    We were able to claim ours with no problem and no many others who were too. These tips are merely a guideline, if you have a problem with an offer, you need to contact the company that is sponsoring it.

    Hope that helps.

  571. I assure you its not a scam. I’ve ordered and received product from this company before.

  572. All you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter application above to be entered to win! Good luck 😀

  573. Try using a different browser – I’ve heard it doesn’t work well with IE.

  574. Ya! I love hearing it when newbies start getting their freebies 🙂 It’s so exciting!

    Some times things happen so forgive P&G – they will have more goodies for us soon.

  575. It took 8 business days from the time I got my shipping notice until my SampleSource arrived! Be patient – things will start arriving soon, I’m sure 🙂

  576. Thanks!

    The number of samples you receive is determined in a couple of ways. #1 By how many samples are left in stock when you order, first ordered get the most option of samples and #2 by how you answer your profile / survey questions. Brand “typically” won’t offer samples to someone who is already a regular buyer of their product. So for instance, you know Tide is going to be available and they ask you which brand is your usually detergent – if you answer Tide you probably won’t get the sample.

    Does that help?

  577. OMG! That is so amazing! Congratulations – you will HAVE to share a photo of the talking head when you get it!

  578. lol, oops! Thanks for pointing out the typo 😉

  579. I did actually – it is Canadian. It’s on the .ca website 😉 You must be misdirected

  580. Click the purple Go To Offer button 🙂

  581. You could always sign up for the desktop program and take photos of your receipts with a digital camera and submit them that way 🙂

  582. Yes, that is correct! Everything we post is open to Canadian residents 🙂

  583. Thanks for letting me know!

  584. Woohoo! Congrats!

  585. No body did. It was a surprise 🙂

  586. Thanks for letting us know! I was seeing the live page but after a refresh I saw it was gone!

  587. Be patient – they are on the way I’m sure 😀 I haven’t gotten mine yet either!

  588. Have you read through the whole How To Coupon Guide. Almost all of the answers are there.

  589. Try clicking the purple Go To Offer Button 😉

  590. We love that you love our alerts! We pay an arm and a leg for our newsletter service, so it’s greatly appreciated to receive feedback on it!

    You can also setup FB to alert you of new posts from our page. Follow the steps on this image here:

  591. Instead of continuing to leave negative comments and sending mean emails, you should probably take a few minutes and read our How To Guide as it would probably be incredibly beneficial to you:

  592. READ THE POST! There is a tip to claiming your freebie!

  593. Be sure to click the purple Go To Offer button above to be re-directed to the offer!

  594. We don’t remove posts because we use them as reference. However, we do move them into an expired category – which is clearly marked at the top of the page 🙂

  595. Everything you need to know about getting and using coupon can be found here:

  596. Samplesource? Make sure to select Canada as your country, top right of the site you will see a flag

  597. $50 is the cap for anyone who doesn’t have proof of purchase.

  598. Did you not read the post? That paper form (as stated) means I DON’T give them my banking information – they will be sending me a check!

  599. We have over 60 article right here to help you learn everything you need to know about couponing:

  600. make sure to comment on the RWOP page! Click the purple go to offer button above.

  601. make sure to comment on the RWOP page! Click the purple go to offer button above.

  602. You need to follow the steps laid out in the guide to register

  603. Make sure you click the Purple Go To Offer button and register up to the Elle newsletter!

  604. Last resort then, try in Internet Explorer!

  605. Try changing the format you use – sometimes xxx xxx works sometimes xxxxxx or try using Caps or small letters too

  606. works for me. Try typing it out if it doesn’t work copy & pasting.

  607. All you have to do is click on the Purple Go To Offer Button

  608. You are right! I had it inputted wrong in my database! Thanks for the heads up!

  609. Hey Bernice, this sample showed up on our porch one day in March 2013.

    If you’re having mail related issues I suggest phoning Canada Post

  610. No, no confirmation was received 🙂 Just arrived!

  611. We aren’t hear to convince anyone! The facts are laid out with links and phone numbers provided.

    If you choose not to participate that is entirely up to you 🙂

  612. No – we aren’t all perfect. I do my best though.

  613. Sorry missed this one – will remove! Thanks for the heads up!

  614. Amanda, you need to contact Johnson’s directly by clicking on the GO TO OFFER button or by calling the number provided 🙂

  615. We received ours yesterday, yours should be in the mail!

  616. once you click “find out more” on the hugo boss page you should see the Order Sample button. They move it around on the Hugo Boss site quite frequently, hope this helps!

  617. That’s great to hear! Good luck and Happy Couponing 🙂

    Feel free to reach out if you every have any questions – we are here to help!

  618. While we have not yet accepted any jobs – several community members have said they have been members for quite a while and enjoy it!

  619. Thanks for the heads up! I will edit accordingly 🙂

  620. The offer is still running. Try again in a different browser (Chrome or IE)

  621. Yes, that’s why it would be under the “Expired Hidden Coupons” list 🙂

    Only coupons under Active are still valid

  622. no you don’t, simply add the sample and your on your way 😀

  623. still looks to be running here..

  624. There should also be a Canadian version available

  625. Click the Go To Offer Button to request your catalogue

  626. Click the Go To Offer Button to request your catalogue

  627. Click the Go To Offer Button to request your catalogue

  628. We only post Canadian Contests that we find. Sometimes however Canada, USA and other countries are included into a contest.

  629. This coupon is no longer available 🙁

  630. The new ones say that 🙁 They’ve only made that switch recently.

    Those that have older versions of the coupon do not have that exclusion – hence why I didn’t link to the coupon request 🙂

  631. Great find! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  632. Please actually READ the guide – it tells you everything you need to know.

    We don’t send coupons or samples..

  633. That’s awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  634. What sample was that? We wouldn’t post anything like that!

  635. Only the 2 samples list in the post are available to Canadians

  636. Sorry you find us so frustrating. It does say at the top of this page and every week’s match-ups “We are located in Ontario and base these Match Ups on our local flyers. Prices may vary according to where you live.”

    I do match-ups all by myself. One person, with no help and it’s a lot of work. I do the best I can with the flyers I have available to me.

    I do match-ups for RCSS West, Safeway and SOF which are are all stores located out west. I apologize if you don’t think we do enough for you but it’s the best we can do.

  637. I think you didn’t quite understand the fine print… “After you’ve received your free trial issue you will receive an invoice to continue a complete subscription. If you do not want to
    continue the subscription, simply return the bill marked cancel and keep your first issue. Cancelling will not affect your contest entry.”

    They don’t charge you anything UNLESS you WANT to continue with the magazine. Otherwise, when you receive the invoice, take 4 seconds and write CANCEL it and stick it back in the mail box. Easy peasy!

  638. Unfortunately, even in desktop some Facebook applications are still not mobile friendly – this one included. If you are able to access a desktop for the next giveaway you should have more luck 🙂

  639. That’s fantastic!! Congrats and you are more than welcome 😀

  640. The purple button that says CLICK HERE FOR OFFER 😉

  641. are you on a mobile device? if so you might have to open facebook in desktop view to view FB page tabs…

  642. Yes, it is penalty of perjury to claim if you did not purchase any Activia products. It does state so in the Terms of the Claim.

  643. I got one the first day – before all of the other Couponing Bloggers picked it up. It was actually fairly easy that day but I can’t imagine it is going to be easy for anyone for the rest of the promotion lol.

    It’s all going to be luck of the draw and good timing on a refresh 🙂

  644. We can assure you it’s not a scam. Divine has been around for ages. They are also owned by Maybe try using a different browser?

  645. We did post the link. Just click the big purple Click Here To Go To The Offer Button 😉

  646. Why not? Just click the big purple button that say Click Here To Go To The Offer and it will take you right there 😀

  647. I was able to redeem at SDM – Walmart should accept it to.

  648. no, Metro still only allows 1 coupon per product 🙁

  649. Not really sure why you find it confusing. We use a big purple button to direct you to the offer and we display content so it’s easy to find. We aren’t here to trick or confuse anybody. If you don’t enjoy our site, feel free to search for another coupon blogger that is better suited to your needs.

  650. thanks, we have expired the post

  651. You are only offered certain samples depending on your profile. Men can get the Gillette razor and women can get the Venus razor. No one should be able to get both.

  652. Not sure which page is confusing you. Click the big purple button that says “Click Here To Go To Offer”. You will then be directed to the Canada Dry FB Page where you click the button that say ENTER NOW. Then you can put in your PIN.

    Hope that helps.

  653. The big purple button above that says “Click Here To Go To The Offer” will take you there 😉

  654. Thanks, fixed now 😀

  655. Quebec is included in this one! Right from the Rules: “This Sweepstakes is open to individual residents of Canada (including residents of Quebec)”

  656. We suggest you have a browse through our Free How To Coupon Guide here:
    There are some good tips and tricks in there that should help you out! Happy Couponing and Freebie Hunting!

  657. you can win up to 2 instant win prizes per person. so get the family involved 😀

  658. You can try contacting your local newspaper and asking them if they can start carrying the inserts and you can also try contacting SmartSource & RedPlum to see if they can be sent to your town.

  659. The offer is no longer available, as I mentioned, it happened in Mid-March.

  660. They are no longer available.

  661. Thanks! All fixed now 🙂

  662. Thanks for pointing that out!

  663. 500 more will be available tomorrow. We will be hunting them down 😀

  664. Thanks for pointing all those out! I’m just one person and can’t possible spot every deal and know every coupon available so it is always appreciated to have others contribute!

  665. You would have received it at the time of registration.

  666. It’s working fine here. This contest is not mobile friendly in case you are trying to enter from a phone or tablet.

  667. We didn’t seem to get that photo any where on our Page or in our notifications. If you would like to share a photo with us please feel free to email us at

  668. That is correct.

  669. No question is ever a silly question! Many newspapers deliver flyer bundles right to your door every week. These are the flyers you can use for price matching. If you do not receive flyer delivery, try contacting to your specific store to see if they would accept online versions (printed out or shown on a mobile device).

  670. yes there will be 1 sample for each of the 6 products

  671. keep trying! it seems to be running smoother now

  672. keep trying, it’s very slow atm

  673. I wouldn’t recommend using the foaming soap as they usually need a special dispenser. The Lysol isn’t designed to create the foam.

  674. Ahhh this was posted way back on January 27th… And we got the information from the Cetaphil FB page

  675. There is a demo for Cadbury in Windsor this weekend!

  676. Thanks! It means a lot to us to hear such kind words 🙂

  677. We are actually pretty lucky here in Peterborough – Fresh Ideas is here a lot. Just not for this demo! Check back frequently to see when new demos are added!

  678. you shouldnt be putting any credit card information in. did you access the free sample from this link:

  679. what browser are you using? we used Firefox and had no issues

  680. You have to wait until they announce a new giveaway. When they do quantities will be limited so you will have to be fast 🙂

  681. I just stuck within the size guidelines in the NoFrills flyer.

  682. I asked the cashier her preference and she asked for all of the coupons at the end of the transaction. I generally do give them with the products but if the cashier asks for it differently I comply 🙂

  683. You’re very welcome 🙂

  684. Yes, it is most definitely something we will start incorporating soon 🙂

  685. Thanks for the heads up!

  686. Thanks so much Lorelei!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well!

  687. Not all coupons state that sales tax is included. Unless the coupon specifically states that it is – the sales tax is still charged.

  688. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

  689. Thanks – us too 🙂

  690. Follow us on Facebook and we post any coupons for free products that come available! They are often without notice and don’t last long so you have to be quick to get them!

  691. Thanks! My cashiers were all pretty great tonight 🙂

  692. Yes, the sampler packs are for sale at Shoppers Drug Mart.

  693. did you click the small x’s bottom right after each video? You must click those x’s for the system to know that you watched the video. You don’t even got to watch the whole video, simply click the x once it opens 😉

  694. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you are able to easily find the best deals using our list!

  695. Congratulations!

  696. Not all samples are available to everyone 🙂 They may have run out all together or have decided (by the way you answered your profile questions) that you don’t qualify for them.

  697. Awe 🙂 Well thanks!

    We are considering adding some more stores to the Match-Ups soon! Since we live in Ontario we don’t have one anywhere near us! But stay tuned, you never know 🙂

  698. This is an old post – it is from last year. The coupon is no longer available.

  699. I would say no since it does not state in their policy that this is allowed. However, it is always a good idea to call your store’s customer service for clarification.

  700. You can buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart – it’s actually on sale this week! (Oct 20 – 26)

  701. Thanks for your feedback! We will considering adding it!

  702. Hi Monique. We are so glad to hear you love the website. Your winning email was sent October 1st. It is unfortunately now passed the deadline for claiming your prize. Please feel free to enter again! You never know!

  703. Oops! I forgot to include that the Catelli Smart was Price Matched from No Frills!

  704. Are you trying to access it from a mobile device? If so you need to view Facebook in full desktop mode to be able to access the tab. Otherwise it will not work! Hope that helps 🙂

  705. It’s actually not the 16’s on sale at all – that was a misprint. It is the 10’s that are on sale at Rexall.

  706. Yes. The limit is imposed by Rexall not Walmart. They are simply comping the price. Some cashiers will enforce the limit but not usually.

  707. Hi Karen. Yes you can price match product but only at some locations. It’s done just like any other price match – but price is matched on the price/kg so make sure that it’s shown!

  708. We don’t have a mailing list set up yet but in the meantime all of my crafts will be posted online.

  709. Thanks Laura! I’m glad our Match Ups help you!

    Insert can mean a coupon clipped from a SmartSource or RedPlum insert or inserts from in magazines.

  710. Sure did! We got our sample in the mail yesterday!

  711. I don’t see your age Colleen?

  712. If you would like coupons, you need to sign up for the various coupon sites as described.

  713. oops. Typo – all fixed now!

  714. You are very welcome!

  715. Yes. The 4 of us all went in, grabbed a case, took it to the till, then out to the truck and repeat 🙂

  716. We didn’t clear shelves. We left some behind at every store (with the exception of Walmart because they were only 4). It’s not greed when the lot of it is being split between FOUR families as well as an 18 case donation to sports teams.

    If you actually read the post you would understand exactly what happened. Thanks for your comment though.

  717. We purchased our first case, went out to the truck and emptied the box. We cut the coupon out then went back in. Each was considered a separate purchase.

  718. Nestea Zero has zero sugar.

  719. you would basically use the same technique!

  720. You’re welcome! Good luck!

  721. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve removed if from the list. Too bad though.. would’ve been a great deal!

  722. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser there are some issues we are working to fix. Try using a different web browser like Firefox

  723. What city are you trying to add a coupon for?

  724. Hey Bill,

    Sorry to hear that, hopefully we can figure out the problem. Please use the contact form here and tell us the issues you receive:

  725. Thanks added it to the list!

  726. That one is already on the list but thanks!

  727. Thanks we added!

  728. Thanks so much! We added them to the list!

  729. Good Morning.
    Your initial prize winning email was sent on May 19th with a reminder email sent on May 23rd. The deadline for claiming prizes has since passed.
    I’m sorry you missed out on claiming your prize, the email may have gone to your Junk/Spam folder. You are still eligible to enter all future giveaways.
    Once again, sorry you missed out.

  730. we noticed that, thanks for sharing the codes!

  731. feel free to share any codes that we may have missed!

  732. Thanks so much! Added them to the list 🙂

  733. added your link, good luck!

  734. I believe the Scrubbing Bubbles FPC came from the SampleSource in April

  735. It is the 10 sample bags of dog food we received from Pet Valu

  736. awesome!, congrats

  737. your welcome, good luck 😀

  738. we put your link within the post, let us know when you reach your referrals 😀

  739. thanks for letting us know 😀

  740. we shared your link, let us know when you reach your referrals 😀

  741. We aren’t moving far 🙂 We are staying in Peterborough, just a different area of town. Let us know when your yard sale is, we’ll stop by!

  742. Please refer to the How To Coupon Guide here:

  743. awesome!!!!!

  744. Check out this post on how to get your first Julep Maven box for a penny: There are also some details on how the program works 🙂

  745. We don’t pay for our subscription 🙂 It came late in the week so yours may arrive yet!

  746. Thank you for your kind words! Good luck in the bday bash contest.

  747. we checked and you are entered! thanks for the bday wishes and feedback, always appreciated

  748. The coupon is no longer available 🙁


  750. This sample has been moved to the expired category.

  751. this contest is way over ; )

  752. this contest is way over 😉

  753. This freebie is no longer available. It was given away through a promotion on their Facebook page. This isn’t the first one they’ve done, so I would suggest “Liking” them and waiting for another giveaway 🙂

  754. yes they have been mailed, winners should be receiving them within the next day or 2!

  755. It wasn’t the same coupon you are referring to :)I had 2x $2.00 Off ANY Royale product from a promotion on Facebook/ in January (I believe)

  756. Hey Rebecca! It all depends on the cashier. Usually they do take the coupons with the items but that cashier had a slightly different method. She took the coupons with the products but held them all to be entered at the end. I think its all just a matter of personal preference with the cashier 🙂

  757. Everything is working great now 🙂

  758. Just received word it is working properly now 🙂

  759. I have fired off an email to Picasso Hair Feathers so we can get this sorted out. I will let everyone know when it is live 🙂 Sorry for any inconvenience

  760. Thanks for the heads up, there was a typo error on our Smartsource schedule page. All fixed 😉

  761. These are custom-made binders 🙂 If you want to know more about them, you can read about them here:

  762. are you putting a space in your postal code?

  763. You sure can Joanne! You can visit the SaveaLoonie Store here:

    Right now, we do also have a coupon code for half off the cost of the Ultimate Binder Pack. Use coupon code HALFPRICE to receive your discount 🙂

  764. Thanks Angelina! Glad you received your prize 😀

  765. The Sunlight FPC came from the Sunlight Make Your Day Brighter promo (now over). We collect our FPCs from various promotions, usually on Facebook

  766. Glad to hear you are enjoying your binder!

  767. the forums will be back up and running sometime this week. please be patient!

  768. Hi Andrea. No there will no longer be a blog login but the forums will be back up in the next day or 2.

  769. Which coupons are you referring to Kim?

  770. yes, they will be mailed soon, we had plans to get them out this week but site problems arised! hopefully will be sent out monday!

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