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March 17, 2012

By now you’ve probably become pretty good at finding and using coupons while you shop. However you may find yourself traveling from store to store to get your deals. By the time you subtract the money you’ve spent on gas your savings start to shrink. The next step in saving loads of money is Price Matching.

What is price matching you may ask. Price or Ad Matching is the way stores guarantee that they have the lowest price. This is a huge advantage for helping you save money! There are just a few easy steps to follow to learn how to Price Match.

Know The Policy

Find out which stores in your area price match. Many of the big name stores such as Walmart, Zellers, No Frills, FreshCo, London Drugs and Canadian Tire all have price match policies in order. Most stores will Price Match everything from meats and produce to dairy and canned goods. You can find out if your store offers Price Matching by checking our Canadian Store Coupon & Price Matching Policies list.

Find Your Deals

Visit the Coupon Price Match-Ups to find the best deals available that week. You may also want to browse the flyers yourself for any items that you may need that are not listed or deals specific to your province. Circle the deals that you want to get – this will finding them later much easier!

Make The List

Make a list of all the items you are planning to purchase. Pay special attention to write down the product information (size, flavour), price you are matching at and store where the sale is located. At Walmart you are even able to Price Match meat & produce! You should also indicate how many of each item you are planning to buy – this will keep you from over spending.

Don’t Forget The Coupons!

Yes! You can Price Match and use coupons together! Pair up the sales you want to get with any coupons you may have available. This is the best way to optimize your savings.

Get It All Together

Gather up your store flyers, list and coupons.  Organize your list and coupons by store to prepare for checkout. You will need the original flyers for the stores you want to price match. The flyer must be the current circulating edition.

Go Shopping!

Pick out all of the items on your list including the items you are going to Price Match. I suggest organizing your cart by placing items that will be price matched together and separate from non-price matched items. This will make check out go smoother. It is also advisable to organize items being Price Matched from the same store together.

Check Out

Before the transaction has begun inform the cashier that you will be Price Matching and / or using coupons. It is also a good idea to do all of your Price Matching at either the beginning or the end of your transaction and to Price Match all the items from one store at a time.

Its that easy! This shopping strategy will save you loads of time and money! If you are just starting out, try Price/Ad matching only an item or 2 on your first few trips. The more items you are matching the more complex your transaction will be.

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March 17, 2012
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