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March 8, 2021
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We’ve got all of the details for Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2021!

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim to Win is one of Canada’s most iconic games. It’s something we look forward to while we tangled in the depths of Winter.

But last year, the 2020 Roll Up The Rim To Win game kicked off just as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to rage. As a result, Tim Hortons shifted the game from being physical with “winning tabs” on cups to being a digital experience. It was a big adjustment for some.

For 2021, Tim Hortons has once again scrapped the physical game cups in favour of a totally digital contest. This means a name change as well. Instead of being Roll Up The Rim To Win, it will now simply be Roll Up To Win. The interactive element won’t be completely gone, as the new in-app experience has been designed to mimic the action of rolling a tab, as closely as possible.

To participate, customers will have to scan their Tims Rewards App or physical rewards card at the time of purchase to collect “rolls”. These “rolls” can then either be redeemed right in the app or the customer can log on to the contest website and play there. Tim Hortons has also added cold beverages & breakfast sandwiches, in addition to hot beverages, to the list of menu items eligible for a roll.

The detailed list of items eligible for a digital roll include:


  1. Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), large (20 oz.) and extra-large (24 oz.) hot beverages (excluding espresso shots and added espresso shots)
  2. Small (10 oz.), medium (15 oz.), and large (20 oz.) cold beverages (excluding ready to drink drinks like milk, pop, and juice)
  3. Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap (bacon, sausage or egg, and cheese)
  4. Grilled Breakfast Wrap (bacon, sausage or egg)
  5. Bagel BELT® (bacon or sausage)
  6. Grilled Breakfast Sandwich (bacon or sausage)
  7. Breakfast Sandwich (English muffin, biscuit, bacon, sausage, or egg and cheese) 
  8. Simply Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

New for 2021, Tim Hortons has done away with the dreaded “Please Play Again” message and now every “roll” will be a winner, including Tims Rewards points that can be collected & redeemed for your choice of food & beverages.

This year, we will also see the BIGGEST PRIZE POOL in the 36 year history of the contest. You will still find the classic free coffee, donuts, electronics & vehicles, but will now also include subscriptions to streaming services & reusable mugs.

Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win 2021 will begin on March 8th and run until April 4th, with an extra 2 weeks at the end to redeem prizes within the app or online.

Are you excited for the NEW Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win Game or are you disappointed in the changes? Share your thoughts with us on the SaveaLoonie Facebook Page!


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March 8, 2021

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