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Shopping Made Smarter with Coupgon


Coupons have been around for, well, basically ever. Ok, maybe not quite forever, but for well over 100 years people have been clipping coupons to save money.

It only makes sense, right? That’s why you’re here too! In an economy where prices keep rising and wages don’t, we all need to do a little extra where we can to save a Loonie or 2!

The problem with traditional coupons is that they are time consuming. Between the gathering, the sorting, the clipping, the printing, the filing and then matching them up with your weekly shopping list. It seems like a daunting task.

That’s where Coupgon comes in. Coupgon is an app you can download right to your smartphone to make saving money with coupons easier and faster than ever before! Coupgon has taken traditional coupons and gone digital!


To get started using Coupgon, simply download the free application to your smartphone and create an account. Select the store chain you plan to shop at and browse through the available Coupgons for that store, for that week.


There are currently 15 store chains with close to 1000 participating locations across the country (and growing quickly)! Stores include Giant Tiger, Co-Op, Atlantic Superstore, Save on Foods and more!

Choose the offers that you want to redeem by clicking on the scissor icon next to the product listing. Click the icon again (and again) to add multiples of the offer to your list (when applicable).


Once you’ve got your Coupgons clipped, go shopping!


Coupgon has all of the money-saving benefits of regular coupons but with none of the waste! The digital coupon movement means there is no clipping, no printing (YAY!) and zero paper! Save money & trees – what more can you ask for?

When you get to the checkout, simply hit the Redeem Now button. Double check that you’ve got the appropriate Coupgons selected and click Checkout.


Now you scan. Look for the Coupgon QR Code at your stores checkout and scan the code using the app.


After you scan the QR code, each Coupgon will pass across your screen along with a moving retailer logo. At this point you need to show the cashier your phone and they will deduct the savings off your bill, just like with a regular coupon.

This is my favourite part about Coupgon versus digital rebate apps. There is no waiting for savings to accumulate and no waiting for checks in the mail. The savings are instant!


Coupgon offers savings on fresh items you don’t usually see coupons for, such as produce, meat, dairy and more!

New offers are added each Thursday and can last any where from a few hours to a few weeks!

Some Coupgons you are allowed to claim multiple times and others are limited to one per person. Just like traditional coupons, you must have one Coupgon for each item purchased.

It is also important to note, since Coupgons are the equivalent of paper coupons, you CAN NOT combine the two. Doing so would be considered stacking – a big No, No in Canada. However, you CAN use rebate apps to earn additional cash back on your purchases.


Coupgon isn’t just about saving – they love being social too! Join the Coupgon community for access to special promotions, giveaways and contests! Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.