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March 17, 2012 launched in the Fall of 2011 as a brand new sample site.

SampleSource offers Canadians the opportunity to try out products from brands such as OxiClean, Glade, John Frieda, Sunlight, Quaker and more for FREE! In these sample packs you will receive any combination of samples, full-size products, coupons and FPCs. These sample packs should not be confused with any of the other sampling programs, even though they have similar names.

SampleSource is all about Smart Shopping Decisions!

They provide this service so Canadians can try new products and provide honest feedback. It is a great way to test products you may not normally purchase and have your voice heard about your experience with them!

Each time new sample packs are available, they get bigger and better with more companies providing a wider range of product to try!

Spring 2014 Sample Pack

Spring 2014 Sample Pack

How To Get Samples

To be able to access sample packs from you must first register on their website. When you first register you will have to fill out a questionnaire. They use the information you provide in this survey, to understand your family, shopping habits and what you like so they can determine which new samples will best suit you and your needs.

When a new sample pack becomes available you will be required to sign in using the email address & password you used when you registered – so don’t forget it!

How Many You Can Request

You may request one sample pack per IP Address per offer period. This means you can not request a sample pack for a friend or family member. Doing so may result in one or all of your orders will be cancelled.

There are limited numbers of samples available so act fast to receive the best selection. Once you have complete the necessary question (s) you will be given a selection of samples available to you. You can select as many of the samples as you wish.


Each sample pack can contain as many as 20 or more samples. How many samples you receive depends on the information you have entered during registration and how you answer the question(s) for that sample period.

The SampleSource system is constantly monitoring the number of samples available versus the current number of requests. Sometimes you will be offered a sample and it says Out Of Stock but that sample may be available to someone else later the same day. This is because SampleSource will remove duplicate requests and make more stock available as they do so. This is why it is always important to get your requests in early!

How Often They Are Available

On the website it states that samples are generally available in the Spring, Summer and Fall. It is in our experience the big sample packs are only available twice per year – in the fall and in the spring.

However additional samples may be offered throughout the year to select members based on your profile.

Once the quantity of samples has been claimed for an offer period it will close. You will have to wait until the next offer before you are able to request samples.

Special Points

  • SampleSource requires that you confirm your request for a sample pack if you are a first time participant. This is to ensure that no samples are wasted and that users are not offered samples that are not actually available. Your confirmation link will be sent to you via email. You only have 1 hour in which to confirm your order after it is placed.
  • If samples are not currently available, you should still get registered. When these sample packs go live the site can start to run very slowly due to the huge amount of people there all at once. To avoid unnecessary steps, register now. That way you will be ready to go when samples are live.
  • SampleSource offers a VIP (Very Important Profile) Program! Throughout the year, based on their profiles, certain members will be invited to try special products! That is another reason why it is important to always make sure you answer your profile questions honestly and accurately. Not all members get access to the VIP offers, and access depends if you qualify based on your profile. How will you know if you qualify for an offer? You will be sent a special email.
Fall 2014 Sample Pack

Fall 2014 Sample Pack

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March 17, 2012
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