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December 30, 2020

We’re got all of the details for the Prepaid Gift Card Class Action.

Were you a cardholder of a Peoples Trust prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card between November 29, 2011 and April 30, 2014?

If so, you could be entitled to cash compensation as part of a new class action lawsuit.

About The Class Action

This Class Action alleges that Peoples Trust Company and Peoples Card Services breached Ontario’s Gift Card regulations by charging fees & seizing unused balances on prepaid cards.

This case covers both reloadable and non-reloadable cards.

In September 2020, the Court approved a settlement and distribution protocol for $17,000,000 for affected class members.


Who is a Class Member?

You care entitled to make a claim for a share of the settlement if you are an Ontario resident who purchased or received a Peoples Trust prepaid card between November 29, 2011 and April 30, 2014.

The following are the payment cards included in this case:

Non-reloadable Prepaid CardsReloadable Prepaid Cards
Vanilla Prepaid Visa;
Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard;
Shell Non-Reloadable MasterCard;
The Ideal Choice/Online Payment Card MasterCard;
House Points;
Give and Go Prepaid Visa. 
Nextwave Titanium+ Prepaid Visa;
Shell Prepaid Reloadable MasterCard;
EPIC Prepaid MasterCard;
Evolve Prepaid Visa;
HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard;
PTC Company US Dollar Prepaid MasterCard;
YesCard Prepaid Visa.

 How Much Will I Get?

The Distribution Protocol provides that the settlement funds will be allocated into two pools as follows:

  • 29.2% will be payable to Class Members who possessed reloadable Prepaid Cards; and
  • 70.8% will be payable to Class Members who possessed non-reloadable Prepaid Cards.

To value a claim, the claims administrator will:

  1. Review the settlement class member’s claim form; and
  2. Pay each claimant with a valid claim, on a per capita basis, up to the average amount of fees and expired balances incurred by Class Members who held either reloadable or non-reloadable Prepaid Cards, from the respective pools.

You DO NOT need documentation or proof to submit a claim.

About Your Payment

Exact details regarding amount of payment or when payments will be issued is not yet available.

A further notice will be published with the details and deadline for filing a claim under the Distribution Protocol.


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December 30, 2020

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