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February 24, 2021

Check out the all new P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program!

P&G is all about doing good and encouraging others to follow their lead.

Doing good in your home & for your family with products you know, love and trust. And they do good by supporting charities and good causes across the country.

But don’t forget to give yourself credit too because I’m sure you do lots of good for your friends, family & community. You deserve to be rewarded for all the good you do!

That’s why P&G has created the P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program!

Sign up today and start earning points and donations towards causes that are important to you and start making an impact.

How do I earn P&G Good Everyday Rewards Points?

Earning rewards point is easy! There are several ways that you can start accumulating points in your account.

  • Take a Survey Earn 25 Points + a donation to your cause for each survey done
  • Do a Quiz Earn 10 Points for doing a quiz
  • Refer a Friend Earn 50 Points for each of the first 5 friends you refer

As an added bonus, you’ll earn 25 Points + an automatic donation to a cause you care about just for signing up!

Your points remain valid for 1 year. If points are not redeemed, your account will be deemed inactive and P&G will notify you by email. You will then have 30 days to reactive your points by making a redemption. If no redemption is made, your points are forfeited.

What Can I Redeem My Points For?

You can redeem your P&G Good Everyday Rewards Points for your choice of Gift Cards & Local Experiences, Sweepstakes Entries or Cause Donations.

Here is a breakdown of the Rewards currently available and their “cost”.

Sweepstake Entries

  • Enter to Win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card (50 Points)
  • Enter to Win a $100 GAP Gift Card (50 Points)
  • Enter to Win a $170 P&G Prize Pack (50 Points)

Cause Donations

  • Help students create a wildlife garden at school (500 Points)
  • Give one toll-free call to the 211 helpline for someone in need (500 Points)
  • Tide Loads of Hope (100 Points)
  • Provide 1 week of clean drinking water for someone in need (100 Points)
  • Provide 1 month of period protection for a girl in need (100 Points)
  • Donate dish soap for the first baths of three oil-covered birds (100 Points)

Gift Cards

  • $5 Starbucks eGift Card (1000 Points)
  • $5 Subway eGift Card (1000 Points)

There is a limit of one P&G Good Everyday account per person. If you already have a P&G Everyday account, you do not need to sign up for a new account. Just use your P&G log in credentials to get started.

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February 24, 2021

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