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November 8, 2017

It’s happening.

Since the news broke of Loblaws purchasing Shoppers Drug Mart way back in 2013/2014, there has been much speculation about the fate of the much loved PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum Programs.

Well, news has officially broke that our speculations are confirmed. Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus will be MERGING  into the PC Optimum Points Program in 2018!

Please note – this is a MERGER NOT A DISCONTINUATION! You do not need to “use up” your points! You can continue to use both your Optimum & PC Plus accounts like you usually would!

PC Plus Points will be converted to PC Optimum Points at face value (ex. 5000 PC Points = 5000 PC Optimum Points). However, it seems Optimum Points are getting a slightly better conversion (worth more!) as PC Optimum Points. The pictures below are a screenshot of my current balance from my phone and a screenshot of what my points are going to convert to. I’m earning an extra $24!!

On February 1, 2018, when the PC Optimum program launches, your points will automatically become PC Optimum points. Then, the next time you shop, the cashier will ask you to swap your existing PC Plus card for a PC Optimum card so you can continue to earn and spend your points. You can also start by downloading the app or create an online account and follow the prompts on screen to link the points from your current card(s). You can link your Shoppers Optimum, PC Plus and PC Financial accounts. You will be guided through the linking process for your existing loyalty programs to have all your points in one PC Optimum account. If after you complete the linking online and still wish to get a plastic version of the PC Optimum card, you can do so by swapping your PC Plus or Shoppers Optimum card at the checkout at any participating store.


Also, an exciting new change is they are lowing the minimum redemption amount from 20,000 Points ($20) to 10,000 ($10) so spending your points just got a whole lot easier!

You will be able to earn points at all Loblaws banner stores as well as Shopper Drug Mart, Beauty Boutique & Joe Fresh!

Personally, I’m excited for this upcoming merger! Earning and spending points will be easier, one less card to carry (or app to have on my phone!) and there will still be all the bonus point days & coupons! What’s not to love?!

Click the Go To Offer link below for more information about this merger and to check to see what your points will convert too!

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November 8, 2017

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