Deal Score+4

So I just had to share this quick story with all of you! So my MIL has always been the frugal type and would use coupons once in a while but never really put much thought into it. She was just trying to save money for her family. But since Ryan and I have started this website and have started taking couponing seriously she has taken a little more interest in it. She knows about our site but not being very computer saavy she doesn’t visit it often, she just clips from inserts or picks up some from tear pads.

We mentioned earlier this week about the La Roche Posay trial packs for $5 at SDM. It was such a great deal but we had intended to give them away as gifts to family so we didn’t mention it to any one.

Well didn’t we get the shock of a lifetime when Ryan’s sister called and told us she had an amazing deal for us! Before she even got the sentence out of her mouth I piped in with “We already got 3 of them”. She laughed and replied “I should’ve know! But I just have to tell you Mom just scored a whole bunch of them!” We giggled about how our couponing influence is starting to spread (SIL is right into it now too!) and chatted a while longer before saying goodbye. About 20 minutes later Ryan’s mom called! She was so excited about her haul she just had to tell us. She created a little assembly line with the grandson’s that were in tow. She paid $5 for the first one then ripped the $5 coupon that was on the box off. Then rang the next one through and did the same. She had one boy putting them on the counter, her paying and the other boy ripping the coupons off! Now thats what I call team work!

After all the seperate purchases she walked away with 27 boxes paying only $21.90 (including the initial $5) for $152.55 worth of product.

Deal Score+4
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