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March 17, 2012

Mail in rebates are a great way to get big discounts or even free items! Manufacturers offer these rebates as extra incentives to buy their products. There are 3 different types of mail in rebates:

Money Back Rebates: These types of rebates offer the consumer a specified amount of money back when a participating product is purchased or a qualifying amount is reached. Eg. $10 back when you spend $30 or $50 off the purchase off a participating product.

Free Item Rebates: These rebates offer a product for free in the form of your money back when you send in the required proof of purchase. These rebates often have either a fixed rebate amount or a maximum rebate amount. They may or may not include the taxes paid or the postage.

Reward Rebates: Often companies will offer you a reward instead of money through a mail in rebate. You could receive a coupon booklet, gift card, trinket or other items through this type of rebate. Some types require you to collect multiple UPCs to send in, other a dollar value of participating products purchased.

Where To Find Them

You can find mail in rebates almost every where you look and for everything from air fresheners to winter tires! Be sure to check any peelies on the product for any possible rebate information. Also be sure to check inside the packaging and in any additional papers that may come as well. You can also check out company websites for any promotional rebates they may offer. Often times, the information with the product itself will redirect you to a website to print off the required form, other times the rebate form will be included right with the package. We also keep a current list of Canadian Mail in Rebate Offers here on!

How To Use Them

The key to using mail in rebates effectively is knowing when and how to use them! The only way to be sure you are doing everything right is to read the rules on your rebate from top to bottom and front to back then doing it again! When it comes to mail in rebates, companies can often be very picky about abiding by the rules. Here are the key things to watch for.

The Right Products

When participating in a mail in rebate offer, you want to be absolutely certain you are purchasing products that fall within the guidelines. Participating products may be limited to a certain size, flavour, or variety. Also be sure if there is a qualifying dollar value required that you met, if not exceed it by a small amount. If you are even one cent off, you could be denied your rebate.

The Right Time

Like coupons, mail in rebates are only valid for so long. You want to be sure that your purchase falls within the correct time frame. These rebates also require that they are received by a designated date. Once you have your rebate completed, be sure to send it offer as soon as possible. If you are sending off a Reward Rebate this is especially important since these are often restricted by quantity.

The Right Place

Some mail in rebate offers require that products be purchase at a specific store or chain of stores to be valid. You want to be sure your purchase qualifies. In cases where the purchase of multiple items is required, it is also often written in that all purchases have to be made in one transaction.

What to Include

Different offers will vary slightly in what you are required to send in as proof of purchase. Some examples of what may be required are the original UPC cut from the package, UPC written on the form or on the receipt, the original store receipt *TIP – Make sure you photocopy your receipts, you might need it later* or a SASE. *TIP – A SASE or self-addressed stamped envelope is an empty envelope that you include with your mailing address written on and a valid postage stamp in place. You then place this envelop inside the envelope you are mailing out for the rebate*

Coupon Use

Combining a coupon to get an item for cheap then combining it with a mail in rebate is the best! But you have to be sure that your rebate allows this. If it is prohibited, then it will be clearly written “Not valid with any coupon offer” or something similar to that, on the rebate form. Otherwise, combining a sale, coupon and rebate is the ultimate way to get cheap, free or even money making products!

Keep Track of Them

Like most things in life, being well organized will make your life much easier. The same is true when it comes to mail in rebates. It is easy as weeks slip by to forget about a rebate that you’ve sent away for and before you realize it – it never came. Don’t miss out on any rebate opportunities by keeping track of your rebates. This also becomes especially important if you have multiple rebates on the go. We have developed a handy Rebate Tracker for you to use (for FREE of course)! If the allotted time frame is close to passing, be sure to contact the company to be sure your rebate has been received and processed.

Download your FREE Canadian Mail in Rebate Tracker

Canadian Mail in Rebate Tracker Example

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March 17, 2012
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