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I don’t know about you, but I’ve sensed this coming for a while now.

Effective July 4th, the cash-back rebate app Zweet has shut down in many provinces.

Over the last while, the quality and quantity of Zweet offers has steadily declined prompting many to have already stopped using the app.

But if you have been a past user, this is important information.

Check the Zweet app to be sure that it has in fact shut down in your province (I’m guessing this is Canada-wide). If so, all remaining cash-back balances must be claimed by August 4, 2018.

Problem is, you must have $20 or more to cash out.

If you do happen to have a balance of $20 or more in your Zweet app, cash out now before you lose it! If you don’t have $20 worth, I’m sorry but you’re out of luck.

Unfortunately this is the risk we take when choosing to participate in these types of programs. For me, I did not have a balance – I was able to cash out once, long ago and never had an offer I was able to use again.

Oh well, at least that’s a little bit of space cleared up on the iPhone 😉 BRING ON THE NEXT APP!

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