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March 17, 2012

Shopping online can be a great way to earn money. How you may ask? Well, let me tell you the answer! EBATES!

What Is Ebates

Ebates is an online shopping agent that gives you cash back on many of the purchases you make online! They have offers for a huge selection of Canadian stores! This is a GREAT tool for anybody who does regular online shopping or even if you just make a few purchases a year. Each store has a set amount of cash back you earn on each purchase up to 25%.

How It Ebates Works

Ebates is quick and easy to use! Simply sign up by filling in your details and you are ready to shop! Once you are registered, here is how it works.

1. Visit
2. Select the store you wish to shop at from their extensive list
3. Ebates will redirect you to that specific store’s website
4. Complete your purchase as normal
5. See your Cash Back Amounts grow in your Cash Pending!

Can I Use Coupon Codes?

YES! You are able to combine online sales and coupon / promo codes with your cash back rebate from Ebates! Just add in your coupon code when prompted during your checkout process. It is important to note, you will only earn cash back from Ebates on the total paid after discounts and deductions.

Ebates also offers their own exclusive coupons and free shipping offers, so don’t miss out on those!

What To Know About Ebates

  • You receive a FREE Gift (gift cards, Ebates cash etc) of your choice when you sign up to Ebates. Your gift will only be available once you have complete a qualifying purchase through Ebates.
  • You can earn $5 for each friend & family member you refer to Ebates! The more people you refer, the higher the payout! Similar to the free gift at sign up, the people you refer must make a qualifying purchase in order for you to receive your bonus.
  • You can chose to be paid via Check or Paypal from Ebates. Payments are sent every 3 months as long as you meet the minimum amount.
  • Ebates will occasionally offer special Cash Back amounts for shopping at specific stores. This may mean they double or even triple the percentage of Cash Back you would earn. If at all possible, aim to do your shopping during these specials!

Whether you shop online a lot or a little, I highly recommend signing up! It doesn’t take long for your balance to accumulate!

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March 17, 2012
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