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Great Mail Days

Everybody loves a Great Mail Day! We LOVE sharing what we get in the mail. We post what we get every week! Browse below and see all the great goodies we have received.

Great Mail Days – May 2nd 2019
OH. MY. GOODNESS.This week has been UNREAL. I've gotten so much amazing FREE STUFF in the mail. I can't even.You just have to see it for yourself!The week started off on a high note - I ...
Great Mail Days – March 27th 2019
I haven't technically been down to check the mail yet today (it's cold and raining) but I just HAD to share the goodies that I've received so far this week!I'm seriously looking forward to ...
Great Mail Days – March 6th 2019
Happy Thursday SaveaLoonians! I hope you're having a fantastic week so far!The mail has been pretty slow this week, but last night, I took a quick walk down the mail box and was happy to find ...
Great Mail Days RECAP – March 3rd 2019
It's been a busy week and now that it's Sunday, I've finally got the chance to slow down!With the constant go-go-go, I've hardly been able to even get to the mail box. But when I finally did get ...
Great Mail Days – January 29th 2019
I'm a day late posting this - but I have a good reason!The best part of this mail day didn't get delivered until after dinner time, and by then, I was just too pooped to post!Earlier this ...
Great Mail Days – January 28th 2019
January actually seems to be off to a pretty decent start in terms of goodies in the mail!So here I am, back with another Great Mail Day post!I had another decent score recently - a little of ...
Great Mail Days – Jan 14th 2019
It's been a long time since I've done a mail day.The main reason, the mail has become significantly slower than it used to be. But does that really matter?Our Weekly Mail Call in the ...
Great Mail Days – April 24th 2018
I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it...It seemed to take forever to arrive, but I was soooooo happy to walk down to the mailbox (in warm, sunny weather I might add!) and discover my ...
Great Mail Days – November 13, 2017
Last week, I had a SUPER FUN Mail Week!I'm a little behind posting, because, well, I don't have a good answer - but atleast I can admit it! LOLThat being said, I'm still soo excited to share ...
Great Mail Days – October 18th 2017
Happy Hump Day SaveaLoonians!It's been a great start to the week as far as mail goes!The mail man has brought me goodies every day - most of them I wasn't even expecting!Let me show you ...
Great Mail Days – October 3, 2017
It's been awhile since I've done a mail day post, and I apologize for that.And since it's been so long, I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff in my "mail bin".Yes, I have a mail bin. It's ...
Great Mail Days – August 31st 2017
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this - where did the summer go?!?How is it even August 31st already? I'm a fall-loving kinda girl, but I am really feeling like we got shorted!No matter, not ...

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