Deal Score+4

I’m a day late posting this – but I have a good reason!

The best part of this mail day didn’t get delivered until after dinner time, and by then, I was just too pooped to post!

Earlier this week, I posted about the Oasis Orange Juice FPC I received from Home Tester Club. According to Home Tester Club, I was supposed to buy 2 kinds of Orange Juice, but they only sent one coupon.

Well, low-and-behold, yesterday the second coupon arrived. It came in a plain envelope with no additional information, but I knew it must be the 2nd coupon. Unfortunately, today is the expiry date for the coupons. It’s -30C out today, and I quite honestly don’t want to run out just to get orange juice – even if it is free. So I’m in a bit of a conundrum.

For those of you that also only got 1 coupon, have you got your 2nd yet? Will you be running out to redeem if you do get it today?

And now for the really exciting part! Ryan won a contest! Of course, it couldn’t be for a trip or $10,000 cash or anything LOL but he’s pretty thrilled with himself!

Last night, Ryan’s prize from the Frank’s RedHot Keg Giveaway arrived!

Ryan was 1 of 53 winners selected to receive a 5L Frank’s RedHot Keg (shipped empty) and 2 x 3.78L JUGS of Frank’s RedHot Sauce! That’s A LOT of Hot Sauce!

This couldn’t have been a more perfect prize for him as he is a HUGE hot sauce lover. There is a whole section of our fridge dedicated to his collection.

Deal Score+4
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