October 17, 2017

Start Making Money With Field Agent

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October 17, 2017

Mobile devices are ever present in our lives. Almost everyone has a cellphone.

Personally, I carry my phone everywhere I go and I know most other people do as well. So since you have your cell when you go out, why not let it make you a little money!

You’re probably thinking – Wait, what?! My cell phone make ME money? HOW???

Well, I’m about to tell you how I’ve made over $100 using Field Agent in just over a year!

What is Field Agent?

Field Agent is a free mobile app you can download onto your cell phone. There is no cost to join!

In essence, it is similar to Secret Shopper programs you may have seen in the past with one big difference – you get REAL RESULT & REAL MONEY!

How Does it Work?

The premise is simply – once you’ve download the app and completed your profile, you will be offered “Jobs” to collect information and you are paid for your time. Ensuring your profile is accurate and up-to-date is crucial to ensuring you can find Jobs in your area!

Field Agent works with big brands such as Unilever, Kraft, Nestle, McDonald’s, Costco, Telus and many more to collect specific data from you – the consumer. The brands that hire Field Agent will give them a specific set of data they want collected, from who and from where. Field Agent then offers those Jobs to Agents who meet the criteria. When the Job is complete – you get paid!

What Do I Have To Do?

There are different types of Jobs, each with different activities that will have to be completed. There are 3 main divisions – Screeners, Audits (fact finding/data gathering Jobs) and Research (opinions/insights Jobs).


Screeners are unpaid Jobs that you can complete to unlock future Jobs. These screener surveys are usually short (10 questions or less) and are designed to ensure the right Agents are offered Jobs.


Research Jobs are designed to capture consumer feedback at the shelf or in the home. These jobs are looking for your raw reactions and candor whether it is through surveys at home, Shop-Alongs, Concept/New Design Testing or Mystery Shopping and interacting with store staff.


Audit Jobs are designed to allow manufacturers and retailers to engage their customers while they are using their products (as consumers) and while they are purchasing their products (as shoppers). These Jobs tend to focus on On-Shelf Availability, Display Compliance, Product Assortment/Availability, In-store Demo Confirmation and Signage Reviews.

Every Job has different requirements but the usual chain of event is 1) accept the job in the app 2) go to the exact location listed 3) follow the step by step instructions answering questions and/or taking pictures/video. When you are offered a Job, you will be given a brief description of where you will have to go and what you will have to do to complete it prior to accepting. Usually, after accepting a Job, you will have 2 hours in which to complete it.

The more Jobs you complete, the more you will be offered!

How Do I Get Paid?

Every Job has a different pay-out depending on the amount of time and work required. The longer, more steps in a Job – the more money you’ll make, but jobs typically pay $3-$12. Pay-out amounts are always clearly displayed next to each Job.

Once you complete a Job, your response are sent off to Field Agent for verification. If you’ve done everything asked, your money will be deposited into your Field Agent, usually with 48 hours. Your money is stored in your Field Agent account until you are ready to cashout via PayPal.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been using this app for just over a year and I’ve already made over $100 (I cashed out $52.50 earlier this year and have $75.73 in my account currently). And I don’t even use it that religiously – there are TONS of jobs that are available all the time that I don’t do, for various reasons. Most of the time, I’ll only complete a Job if I’m already planning to be in that store or area of town.

This app is free, fun and easy to use! It’s a great way to make a few extra bucks when you’re out running errands and I am confident in saying it is 100% legit and worth downloading!


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