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March 16, 2012

Today was a great day for shopping!! Got some amazing deals and only had to go to 2 stores! Price matching is the greatest thing ever in my humble opinion =)

Started my shopping plan last night when we got all the flyers rounded up. I have found the best way to plan a shopping trip is to go through each of your local flyers to see what is on sale. Write down from each store, the things you are planning on purchasing. Once you have compiled a list, then go through your coupon system and match what coupons you have to the products you want to buy. That way you make the most of your savings!

Back to our shopping trip =) We went to Walmart to do the majority of today’s shopping. They are the best (I have found) for price matching and accepting coupons hassle free. They also accept competitiors coupons which is amazing!! I price matched from 5 different stores for most of my products. The remainder, we purchased at RCSS. I was hoping to pick these items up at Walmart also, but unfortunatly they did not have them in stock.

So here is the break down of what we got at Walmart!
Gillette Men’s Deodorant (x 6) – PM from Indendepent Grocers – used 2 x $5 wub3 Brandsaver coupons + 6 x $1 off tearpad (from RCSS)
Lady Speedstick Deodorant (x 11) – PM from Rexall – used 11 x $2 off tearpad (from RCSS) FREE!!!!
Iams Puppy Food trial size (x4) – regular priced – used 4 x $1.50 off Brandsaver coupons
Glade Sense & Spray – PM from Giant Tiger
Glade Sense & Spray refill – regular priced – used wub sprayer get refill free print coupon (right@home – no longer available) FREE!!!!
Fruit By The Foot (x2) – PM from Independent – used 2 x $1 off coupons from
Snuggle Fabric Softener (x3) – PM from No Frills – used 3 x $1 off coupons from
Scrubbing Bubbles ExtendAClean (x3) – PM from Canadian Tire – used 3 x $5 off coupons from right@home FREE!!!!
Royale Ultra 12 roll toliet paper – PM from Rexall – used $1 off coupon from
Triscuits – FPC from Facebook promotion (no longer available) FREE!!!!

OOP = $16.55 (WOOOOO)

And the few items we got at RCSS!
Glade Fabric & Air Refresher (x6) – used x3 BOGO free coupons from Brandsaver
Nesquick tetra pack – used FPC from Nesquick FREE!!!!


OOP = $6.73

So in total today we spent $23.28 for over $120 in products!! YES!!!!! That is the way I LOVE TO SHOP!!!

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March 16, 2012

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