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March 16, 2012

Hey everyone! So got another decent haul today. Wasn’t my best results but I needed to use up some coupons that were expiring and there were a couple deals I just couldn’t pass up.

I got the majority of the products from Walmart, doing price match from 4 different stores (saves alot of driving). I learned during this expidition that Walmart accepts competitor coupons. I was able to use the coupons out of the Rexall booklet to stack with coupons from other sources for extra savings! These coupons do not have a limit so I was able to purchase multiple items using only one them! I got a couple freebies. The Iams dog food in trial size at Walmart is $1.73. I had a $2 coupon from the P&G BrandSaver insert. So this was free plus a bit of overage. I also picked up 5 Dippity-Doo hair gels that I priced matched from Zellers for $1.79 each and used the $2 off print coupon. I hadn’t planned on picking up the pop but it was such a good deal at $1.97 for 6x710ml bottles that we grabbed a few.

We went to Metro which is right beside Walmart and used the FPC for Irresistables BBQ sauce. The coupon is limit one per customer so my hubby and I each got one.

RCSS has Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce on for $1.99 (reg. $3.79) and we had 3 BOGO free coupons. So we picked up 6 off these for $1 a bottle. While we were there we noticed that Glade Sense & Spray’s were on for $5.99 – the same price as the refill. I had a coupon that was close to expiry for Buy a Sense & Spray and get a refill for free. So we got the refill and the sprayer for $5.99.

Total cost before taxes and coupons for all products: $98.39

Total OOP: $52.68


Like I said… not my greatest haul but I think we still did all right =)

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March 16, 2012

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