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March 17, 2012

We went out today to grab more of the Sunlight laundry detergent and a few other things we were running low on. We went to FreshCo and Walmart here in town.

We started out by heading to the FreshCo that is closest to our house and conviently on the way to Walmart. We went in and headed right for the laundry soap. I was surprised that the Sunlight was NOT on sale at that location. There was no signage and I even asked an associate. He confirmed that it was not on sale this week at that store. I mentioned to him that it was on sale at the other location and he said he didn’t know anything about it. I was kind of disappointed because I was thinking the sale would be over at the other store and that we would now have to drive to the complete opposite side of town to check. We weighed the odds and decided it was worth the venture to the other FreshCo. So away we went and it was worth it! They still had the Sunlight on sale and there was tons of it! This is what we grabbed:

7 x Sunlight liquid laundry soap $3.99ea – 4 x $1.00 print & 3 x $1.50 RedPlum = 4@ $2.99ea & 3@ $2.49ea (retail $6.97)
1 x Beneful Slices dog treat $4.99 – $1.00 = $3.99

Total Retail: $60.74
OOP: $27.70
Savings: $32.04

After FreshCo, we stopped at a local stop to pick up some meats (figured we were right there anyways), then headed over to Walmart. There were a couple good sales that I wanted to pick up. I was starting to run a bit low one a few things anyways! Walmart was crazy busy (so was FreshCo) and it felt we couldn’t take 2 steps without running into someone or someone running into us. We worked our way through the store and picked up what we needed and headed to checkout. It felt like we were standing in line forever but checkout went fairly smoothly. The cashier was unsure about a coupon I was using and had to call a CSM over but it was just a simple double check and it was fine. So this is what we got:

10 x La Coupe $2.00 – $2.00 print = FREE
1 x Oral B Indicator toothbrush $1.47 – $1.00 P&G = $0.47
3 x Royale Toilet Paper $4.78 – $1.00 GoCoupons = $3.78
1 x Alcan Aluminum Foil $0.99 (price matched Rexall) (retail $1.87)
4 x Crest toothpaste $1.77 – $0.75 = $1.02 (price matched SDM) (retail $3.96)
2 x Soft Soap $1.00
1 x Schneider’s Chicken Wings $5.00 (price matched Giant Tiger) *not pictured* (retail $10.00)
2 x Mr Big bars $0.58 *not pictured*

Total Retail: $64.55
OOP: $31.16
Savings: $33.39

I’d say we got an ok little score today. The days total retail is $125.29 and we saved $65.43 ~ 52%.

As an added bonus, when we got home we entered all the PINs from the Sunlight bottles. I won a Sunlight FPC and an $8 off coupon for Lion King Blu-Ray when I entered the 2 PIN’s from yesterday. Today from the 7 bottles we entered we won 2 x Sunlight FPC ($9.15 value) , 1 x BOGO Sunlight dish detergent ($2.50 value) , 1 x BOGO Snuggle Fabric Softener ($5.00 value) , 1x 3 tablet pouch of Affresh and 2 x $8 off coupon for Lion King Blu-Ray (these will come in handy for Christmas gifts!). We have already made our money back on the detergent we bought with the coupons we’ve won!

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March 17, 2012
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