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March 17, 2012

All I can say is wow, wow, wow!! Today was an amazing shopping trip! It is definitely our biggest savings to date. Our Christmas baskets are going to be loaded up with L’Oreal this year!
This shopping trip was just so perfect! I planned out our trip and away we went to Walmart. We had intended to pick up a bunch of deals but were specifically going for the L’Oreal Men Expert. The plan was to price match from the Rexall flyer. Since the product is not pictured in the flyer it is unclear which items are included. So we went right to the shaving section to see what the products retailed at. Prices were any where from $5.97 – $12.97. I like to be certain before putting anything in my cart so we grabbed the most expensive item off the shelf and headed to customer service. We asked the representative behind the desk if they would price match this product with the flyer price. She looked it over and was unsure so she called over a CSM and she said yes. She explained to me that their policy is that if there are no specifications on the product they will match any product in that line. YAY!!! I asked for her name just incase I had an issue at check out and she told me just to come back to customer service.

We went back to the L’Oreal Men Expert section. They had so much to choose from!! The shelves were full and there was even an extra centre aisle display as well. We had 11 coupons with us so we picked out 11 items.  Once that was done we walked around picking up most of the things we were after. There were a couple things I didn’t get however. I wanted to snag some Royale Ultra Toilet Paper with a price match from Rexall and an old coupon it would have only  been $2.99! But Walmart was all out. I also wanted to pick up some free Ziploc bags but they were also all sold out. But I was able to get a rain check for that one!

Once we had all the items in our cart we headed back to customer service. Check out was stressful with almost every item being price matched and every item with a coupon, but overall it went pretty smooth. It didn’t take an overly long time and the service rep was very friendly. There was a minor hiccup with coupon wording that resulted in mix up on both our parts. I purchased 2 bottles of Listerine Whitening and used a coupon for each, the wording states one per customer. I had intended to make 2 transactions for these but she put them through together. I mentioned this too her but she said Ryan and I both count as a customer so its ok. So I let it go and continued on. The last things to ring through were the Scrubbing Bubbles One-Step Kits and refills. I price matched the product from Metro down to $8.49 and had a $5 off coupon. I also had a BO kit GO refill Free coupons. Since there is only one coupon being used per item ($ of for kit, Free for refill)  this is allowed. The cashier was unsure about this and called over a CSM. She gave the ok but pointed out (that I had missed) it states one redemption per customer. We purchased 2 of each so it had to be divided into 2 transactions. Weird, I know. As we were finishing checkout and remarking what a good score the L’Oreal was, I asked if it would be ok if we returned later with more coupons to grab more of it. The CSM said sure it was ok, there was loads of it on the shelf and they had more to restock with. YAY!! So this is what we got on our first trip.

Transaction 1

4 x Fleecy 1.6L $2.97 (PM FreshCo) – $0.75 = $2.22ea
1 x ValuePak Nature Valley Bars $3.97 (PM Giant Tiger) – $1.00 = $2.97
1 x ValuePak Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $3.97 (PM Giant Tiger) – $1.00 = $2.97
11 x Assorted L’Oreal Men Expert products $3.99ea (PM Rexall) – $3.00 = $0.99ea
3 x Dove hair care $2.97ea (PM Zellers) – $2.00 WUB2 = $1.97ea
3 x Dove body wash $2.97 (PM FreshCo) – $2.00 WUB2 = $1.99ea
2 x Listerine Whitening 946ml $6.99 (PM Rexall) – $5.00 = $1.99
4 x Old Spice deodorant $1.99ea (PM SDM) – $3.00 WUB2 = $0.49ea
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit $8.49 (PM Metro) – $5.00 = $3.49
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles One Step refill $4.87 – BOGO = FREE

Total Retail $256.96
OOP: $50.00 (before taxes)
Taxes: $15.97

Transaction 2

1 x Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit $8.49 (PM Metro) – $5.00 = $3.49
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles One Step refill $4.87 – BOGO = FREE

Total Retail: $14.84
OOP: $3.49 (before taxes)
Taxes: $1.74

So we came home, printed off 20 more coupons and headed back to Walmart. We grabbed an assortment of 20 more products and headed back to customer service. Again we were cashed through nice and easy. The same cashier was there and told the girl ringing us through that had all been approved by a CSM. Hassle free – just the way I like it. I am so excited about this deal, these are great products at an amazing price that other people are going to get to enjoy. Believe it or not, there was another “oops” during this transaction. We didn’t even realize, mostly because the cashier counted the recipe before completing the transaction! But, she missed ringing in one L’Oreal product and included the extra coupon. This resulted in one extra coupon being scanned without the corresponding product. I only figured it out when I was reviewing my receipts and trying to figure out why my math wasn’t adding up. However in the end it looked like this.

Transaction 3

20 x assorted L’Oreal Men Expert products $3.99ea (PM Rexall) – $3.00 = $0.99ea

Total Retail: $241.07
OOP: $15.81 (before taxes)
Taxes: $9.86

Our totals for today are absolutely amazing!!! I couldn’t be happier or more excited! This is what the final numbers look like!

Total Retail: $514.80
OOP: $69.30 (before taxes)
Total Savings: $445.50 ~ 87%
Taxes: $27.57

After Walmart we shot over to SDM to mail out prizes. and did a quick look around for tear pads. We found a bunch!

$3.00 off any hydraSense product – expires April 30, 2012
$1.00 off St Ives 600ml Lotion – expires April 30, 3012
$2.00 off Flintstones Vitamins – expires March 31, 2012
$3.00 off any Buckley’s Liquid Gel product – expires March 31, 2012
$3.00 off Abreva – expires December 31, 2012
$2.00 off WUB2 Dove Men+ Care – expires February 29, 2012
$3.00 off any MyoFlex product – expires March 31, 2012
$2.00 off any Vitalux product – expires December 31, 2012
$1.50 off any Dove Hair product – expires February 29, 2012
$0.50 off any Degree Men product – expires January 31, 2012
$0.75 off any Redoxen product – expires March 31, 2012

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March 17, 2012
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