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March 16, 2012

Today was FREE CEREAL DAY!!! We have been waiting for this day for weeks!! We each got our coupon from websaver for the free Chocolate Cheerios and had accumulated 3 more through trades! Also hubby some how wound up with a coupon for a FREE Vector cereal from, so we saved that one to get all our free cereal in one day! We got 6 boxes of cereal today valued at $37.24 ABSOLUTELY FREE!! But I must add, not without a bit of hassle.

We started by going to Walmart. I had several items I had planned to purchase including a few PM items as well as the Chocolate Cheerios. Well they only had one of the items we wanted to buy so we decided to leave empty handed and head to a different store.

We ran across the road to SDM to see if they had the Chocolate Cheerios and we also were interested in picking up the Braun Shaver special. They had the Cheerios which was great but had none of the razors.

Next we went to No Frills to get the items I had planned to PM at Walmart. They also did not have 2 of the 4 items we were looking for! But we picked up the Vector cereal for Free and 2 boxes of the Royale Ultra 3 pack of facial tissues that were on for $2. We had 2 $2 off coupons for them so only paid $1 each!

For today’s total score including 6 boxes of cereal and 6 boxes of facial tissue:

Total Cost: $41.24
OOP: $2.52

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March 16, 2012
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