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March 16, 2012

Hey everyone! Went out today and picked up some freebies!! You can never have enough shaving cream and razors =)

We went to Walmart and picked up 20 cans of Gillette Series shave gel, 4 cans of Satin Care shave gel and 4 Venus Embrace Razors. With coupons we got a bit of an overage to put towards the other items we purchased!

To do this we priced matched the Gillette from Shopper`s which was on 2/$5 (ends today!!). We then used the NO LIMIT coupon from the Rexall booklet for $2.50 off Gillette or Satin Care. Because this coupon stated both, it worked for the Satin Care we bought also. I also had coupons for $1 off Satin Care from Brandsaver. These were each $3.16 so with coupons got a bit of an overage on each. The Venus razors were on for $3 each and I had coupons for $2 wub any Venus Embrace etc and coupons for $2 of any Venus Razor. Again this allowed for a bit of overage for each item!

We spoke directly to the customer service manager before making this purchase just to ensure that it was all ok. She explained how they would have to ring the transaction through and the reasoning why it was ok to the cashiers present. I’m glad they got a bit of an explaination on the coupon policy. Walmart cashiers are usually very complient with coupons but it never hurts to learn something new!

Total cost before taxes and coupons: 74.64
OOP: -$0.66 YAY!!!

Now just to clarify.. I did make additional purchases on this bill so didn’t actually get money back just had it deducted from my basket. Still.. that ain’t half bad!! As we were bringing things in from the car our neighbours were outside, so we gave him and her each a can to share the freebies =)


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March 16, 2012

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