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March 17, 2012

So it wasn’t the best of shopping days but still did get some good deals! I had a bunch of Fantastik coupons that were approaching expiry and since Canadian Tire had them on sale this week I figured it was a good time to use them up. Rexall also had a great sale on hand sanitizer so we grabbed some of that too. The other few things were a bonus.

We went to Walmart to pick up the Fantastik and wound up grabbing 2 Lysol No-Touch dispensers. Rexall had them on sale this week so I price matched and used the $5 off coupons. I wanted to grab this while they were on sale so I could take advantage of the mail in rebate available! While walking around the store to see if there were any more deals an associate approached us. She was pushing a cart with a few Airwick Automatic Room Sprayers in it. She was giving them away for FREE!!! So we got to pick which we wanted and it was no hassle, cost free! YAY!!!

At Walmart we picked up:
10 x Fantastik cleaners @ $2.59 – 4 x $1 off + 1 x $0.75 off + 5 x BOGO FREE = $0.82 ea
2 x Lysol @ $8.99 – 2 x $5 off = $3.99 ea

Total before coupons = $49.58
OOP = $21.88

We also stopped by Rexall as they had an amazing deal on hand sanitizer and pop. So we picked up $3 bottles of each. The hand sanitizer was regular $7.99 and on sale for $0.99 as was 2L bottles of pop. No coupons for any of these but at $0.99 each you can’t go wrong!

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March 17, 2012
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