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March 17, 2012

The weather was HOT & STICKY here in our area today – close to 40C with the humidex. And we don’t have air conditioning. The house was heating up like a sauna so we decided to cool off a bit and see if we could get any good deals at Walmart. We also had a prescription to pick up so it just seemed like a good idea. Little did I know we would get some really great shopping in.

I, of course, brought my binder with us so if anything looked good we could grab it. And did we ever get some great deals. I was super impressed with the cashier (minus the little oops below). I did have alot of price matching and coupons so, after mentioning to 2 or 3 people who got into line behing us that it could take a while, I suggested she turned her light off. This was simply to prevent others from getting frustrated having to wait. She said she was thinking the same thing so she called her CSM to get the ok and she did. It was nice not having to stress about the people behind me while cashing out. The cashier was very excited about all my coupons and savings. She asked where we got them all so we explained about our blog here. When the checkout was finally done she asked if I could write the website name down because shes going away to college in the fall and needs to start saving money! She was a very nice girl and was a nice, smooth checkout. Here’s the breakdown of what we got:

Transaction #1
3 x Schnieders Country Selections sliced meat $3.97 ea – 3 x FPCs = FREE (Facebook coupon no longer available)
1 x Hungry Man dinner $3.94 – FPC = FREE (request from company)

Total before coupons: $15.85
OOP: $0.09 – This is an OOPS on my part. Another example of why you should always pay attention to the till! The sliced meat rang up at $3.97 ea and the frozen dinner at $3.94. She rang all of the coupons through at $3.94 instead of the $3.97 they should’ve been. I wondered what was going on there but being the first transaction I just wanted to get the rest over with so paid. BOO

Transaction #2
12 x Vitamin Water (PM from Rexall) $0.99 ea = $11.88
10 x La Coupe (trial size) $1.66 ea – 10 x $2 coupon = +3.40
3 x Gillette Body Wash (250mL) $2 ea – $5 wub3 coupon = $0.33 ea (
3 x Old Spice Body Wash (250mL) $2 ea – 3 x $1 coupon = $1 ea (
1 x Busy Bone $3.50 – $1.50 coupon = $2
1 x Top Dog $2 – $0.50 coupon = $1.50 ea
5 x Advil (PM from SDM) $2.99 ea – $2 coupon = $0.99 ea
3 x Purex (PM from Price Chopper) $3.99 ea – $3 coupon = $0.99 ea
7 x Glade Automatic Spray refills (PM from RCSS) $3.99 ea – 3 x BOGO FREE coupon = $2.28 ea (
1 x Glade Sense & Spray refill $5.87 – Free with wub Automatic Spray refill coupon = FREE (SmartSouce)
1 x Colgate toothpaste (PM from RCSS) $1.69 – $1 coupon = $0.69 ( no longer available)

Total before taxes: $105.32
OOP: $56.38

Next, we decided to try SDM again for the Multibionta vitamins (This time coupon policy in hand!). We skipped the SDM we tried yesterday because we had such a poor experience there. So went went to another one on the other side of town (we were heading there anyway for some other groceries). I decided while we were there to have a look for the La Roche Posay skin care trial packs that I have read about. These retail for $5 and a while back there were $5 off coupons in SDM. The store didn’t have any vitamins or any trial kits so we left empty handed.

I felt like I was on a mission now so we headed to the next SDM just up the road. I was super excited when we got there and they had the vitamins and the La Roche Posay kits!! There were 4 boxes of vitamins and 4 trial kits on the shelves. We grabbed all 4 of the vitamins and 3 of the La Roche Posay kits. I noticed while heading to the cash that each of the trial kits had a $5 off coupon on them. We got to the till to check out and the cashier was very excited about my purchase and coupons. She was especially interested in the kits. We mentioned that there was one still on the shelf and she said she might just have to go grab it. She was a little confused with the $10 off coupon for the $8.99 vitamins but with a little clarification from the CSM the coupon value was reduced to $8.99 and my purchase rung through with out a problem. I was so happy with my purchase that Ryan ran back to the shelf and grabbed the last trial kit and I ripped the coupon of one of the other boxes. We then handed both to the cashier and she was so excited. Feels great to brighten peoples day with coupons! So here is the breakdown of what we got:

3 x La Roche Posay trial kits $5 ea – 3 x $5 coupon = FREE (instore tear pad)
4 x Multibionta vitamins (30ct) $8.99 ea – 4 x $10 coupon = FREE

Total before coupons: $57.58
OOP: $6.62

I was super happy with all my purchases today! We saved a total of $115. 66 on our purchase today!! I LOVE COUPONS!!! <3

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March 17, 2012
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