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March 16, 2012

Hey everyone! Today was a GREAT shopping day. During the tire fiasco from yesterday we scoped out some great deals that we went back and got today.

I didn’t pick up these things yesterday because I priced matched some of them and knew I had more coupons at home for some of the other products. So we got up this morning and planned out what were were going to get. The plan was to go back to Walmart and grab what I could. So here is the break down of what we got:

2 x Always Infinity Pads 18ct -> $4.98 ea – 2 x FPCs = FREE
1 x Natural Instincts hair dye-> $9.97 – FPC = FREE
4 x Glade Solids -> $1 ea – 2 x $0.50 wub2 = $0.75 ea
4 x Cesar Bistro dog food -> $1 ea – B2G2 coupon = $0.50 ea
8 x Busy Bones dog treat -> $3.50 ea – 3 x $1.50 coupon, 5 x $1 = 3 @ $2 coupon, 5 @ $2.50
5 x La Coupe Mousse (trial size) -> $1.66 ea – 5 x $2 coupon = +$1.70
5 x La Coupe Hair Spray (trial size) -> $1.66 ea – 5 x $2 coupon = +$1.70
2 x Top Dog hot dogs -> $2 ea – 2 x $0.50 coupon = $1.50 ea
3 x Juicy Jumbos hot dogs (PM Price Choppers) -> $2.99 ea – 3 x $1 coupon = $1.99 ea
5 x Advil 200 mg 24ct (PM SDM) -> $2.99 ea – 5 x $2 coupon = $0.99 ea
4 x Febreze Air Effects (PM Zellers) -> 2/$5 – 2 x $3 wub2 = $1 ea
1 x Febreze Noticables single warmer -> $1.97 – FREE wub3 Febreze coupon = FREE
2 x Colgate Total toothpaste (PM RCSS) -> $1.69 – 2 x $1 coupon = $0.69 ea

Not pictured are 1 of the Febreze, 1 of the Glade solids, 1 hair spray and 1 mousse. Gave those to the neighbour before we even made it in the door. She loves my couponing too LOL

Total before taxes and coupons: $115.80
OOP: $51.97!!

So excited!! But my bubble was quickly burst when we went over to SDM which is right across the road to pick up the Multibionta vitamins that were on sale for $8.99. We planned to use the $10 off coupon and get them free (no overage at SDM). So we went back to the vitamins section and found they were out of the Adult variety and only had 50+. Since we do give alot of product away we decided to get 5 of them anyways.

We got to the till and the cashier was unsure of how to process the coupon since the value exceeded the cost of the item. This was all fine. I have no problem with cashiers verifying concerns about coupons. But when the CSM came over she was so rude! She didn’t even look at the coupon and said NO! When a second cashier mentioned “can’t you just ring it up as the coupon value $8.99 or free product?” The CSM again abruputly answered NO. Then I tried to explain to her the same idea – there is no overage, the item is just free and that I have had this done many times at SDM before. She said to me “Well not this one.” and when I told her “yes, at this store” she gave me a nasty look and said “well, they were wrong”. So we left empty handed. I should’ve had the coupon policy print out with me.

When we got home this evening we double checked the policy and yes, we were RIGHT! So the plan is to go back to SDM, policy in hand, and get those vitamins!!!

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March 16, 2012
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