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March 17, 2012

WOW!! What a day! Today was our best savings to date – 88%. We got some super great deals and we managed to get some overage too! Gotta love Walmart and the fact they do overage.

So for todays trip we headed to a new Walmart SuperStore that just opened within the last month. Its a bit of the way but we had to head that way to see family anyway so we decided it was worth the extra 30 minutes of driving. And boy was it ever! We got everything we were after except one item. It was a little disorienting being in a new store but once we got our barings we were quick to find everything we were after. We even stumbled across an extra freebie. Checkout didn’t go quite as smoothly but I’m pleased to report it was very pleasant! As it was a new store their cashiers weren’t very familiar with Walmart’s coupon policy. As we headed to the till I stopped and told the CSM I was about to make a purchase with alot of price matching and coupons. She directed me to a till and we waited patiently in line. While we were waiting for the customer in front of us to finish, I carefully arranged all of the products according to store I was price matching and placed the coupons with them. I warned the cashier about all my price matching and coupons and she seemed pretty excited about it.

Well it didn’t take long for her to come across a coupon with the “Not valid with any other offers” wording. She thought that this meant I couldn’t price match the item and use the coupon. I polietly explained that a sale or price matching is not an offer. She seemed hesitant and she called for a CSM just to be sure. I had no problem with that. She continued to ring through other items as she waited on the CSM. Then another coupon with the same wording. She again called for the CSM and put those items aside. At this point everything put the items set aside and the Asprin rung through and still waiting on CSM. When I presented the $6.00 off printables I had remaining, she again called for a CSM. She didn’t think she would be able to ring them through and give overage. When the CSM arrived she too was not aware that Walmart gave overages. I tried to explain this several times but she wouldn’t budge. Now don’t get me wrong the entire thing was very pleasant and friendly.

The store manager then came over and I once again explained it to her. She told me that they did not have a copy of their coupon policy and she would look into it. The CSM and the manager then both headed back towards Customer Service. While we waited the cashier and another cashier next to us had lots of questions and seemed interested in how I was able to do this. We carried on some small talk while we waited. It only took a few minutes and the store manager returned. She had called another store to inquire about this policy. They had told her that if we were getting cash back that it had to be done at the Customer Service Desk but since we had other purchases to go ahead and allow it. I was very happy to hear that they were going to allow my coupons. Things couldn’t have worked out better. The cashier, CSM and store manager all seemed genuinely glad they learned something. I will definately be returning to that Walmart!

So here is the breakdown of everything we got:

Secret Deodorant $1.97 – $1.00 P&G = $0.97 (price match Giant Tiger)
Peek Freans Lifestyle Selection $2.00 – BOGO mail out = $1.00ea (price match No Frills)
Dove Antiperspirant x 2 $1.99 – $2.00 tear pad = $0.99ea (price match Rexall)
Dove Body Mist x 2 $1.99 – $2.00 tear pad = $0.99ea (price match Rexall)
Asprin x 10 $3.98 – $6.00 print) = + $2.02ea (price match from RCSS)
Glade Fabric Refresher x 4 $2.49 – $2.00 = $0.49ea (price match from RCSS)
Lever 2000 x 16 2/$3 – $1.00 tear pad = $0.50ea (price match YIG)
Scrubbing Bubbles Power Foamer x 2 $3.00 – BOGO insert = $1.50ea
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Gel x 2 $3.00 – BOGO insert = $1.50ea
La Coupe trial size x 10 $2.00 – $2.00 print = FREE (wasn’t even planning on this purchase but while walking through the pharmacy section Ryan spotted it and I had my coupons with me )

Total before coupons: $135.18
OOP: $16.71
Total Saved: $118.47

But don’t worry SaveaLoonians – we put ours savings to good use and also picked up a little something for you!

Starting tomorrow, August 27, we will be having another gift card giveaway! This time we have 4 prizes – (1) $50 Walmart Gift Card (3) $5 Walmart Gift Cards. Check back for more details

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March 17, 2012
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