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Got some really great deals today! We hit up PJ’s Pet, Walmart and Rexall for all of our deals. We didn’t even plan on going to Rexall but I’m sure glad we did because there were some great coupons we found.

We started off the day by going to PJ’s Pet. Jack was in desperate need of a new collar. He’s had the same one for 5 years! The Pick Your Promo coupon was the perfect time to pick it up. We got him a high quality, thick collar. He was so excited when we brought it home he couldn’t wait to try it on!

Total without coupon: $22.57
OOP: 16.92

After PJ’s Pet we headed over to Walmart. This was the only other stop I had planned but they didn’t carry the Cottonelle toilet paper I was after so we decided we would head over to Rexall afterwards. I did alot of price matching at Walmart but scored some really great deals! We started off by heading right to the laundry detergent isle to get the $2 Purex sheets. I was surprised to see that our store still had lots of them. I had 7 coupons and was planning on picking up all 7 of them but as we rolled up to the display of them I noticed a gentleman there looking at a pack. I overheard another women explaining to him how the 3-in-1 sheets worked. He seemed skeptical about trying them so I offered him one of my $3 coupons. I explained to him that with the coupon he could get the Purex for free and have about a dollar left over to go towards the items in his cart. He was very thankful and it made me feel fantastic to be able to help him out. So we picked up the rest of the items on our list and headed towards the checkouts. My good spirits were soon dashed by yet another nasty cashier.

Before even putting an item on the belt I let her know that I was doing alot of price matching and using coupons on every item. She rolled her eyes at me then turned to her register. I asked her if she would like the coupons at the end of the transaction or with each product. She said that I should give them to her with each product. So I started off by putting up my 6 packs of Purex. I put the 6 coupons on top of the pack. She picked up the coupons, took one look at them and said ”You might as well just take these back!” So I asked what she meant. Her reply was “These (the Purex) are only $2 and the coupon is for $3. You can’t use that coupon!” So I explained to her politely that yes I can use it as Walmart allows for overage. She blatently said “No we don’t”. So I asked to speak to a CSM. So she picked up the phone and paged for a CSM to our till. The CSM arrived in just a few seconds and the cashier walked over to ask about the coupon. I swear it didn’t take more then 10 seconds for that cashier to turn right back around and ring in my coupons!

The cashier didn’t speak one more word to me until she told me the total of my purchase. Very disappointed that the last 2 trips I’ve made to Walmart have resulted in rude and unknowledgable cashiers. We usually always have friendly and informed cashiers. However, nasty cashiers aside the shopping was fantastic! Here’s what we got:

6 x Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets $2ea – $3 coupon = + $6
1 x Downey Fabric Softener Sheets 105ct $2.99 – $1 coupon = $1.99 (PM from Independent)
2 x Bounce Dryer Sheets $2.99 ea – $3 coupon = $1.49ea (PM from Independent)
2 x Beneful Dog Food $ 2.28ea – BOGO FREE coupon = $1.14ea (regular price but the coupon expired tomorrow and I can’t let a BOGO go to waste )
2 x Kotex tampons 18ct $3.99ea – $1.50 coupon = $2.49ea (PM from Rexall)
2 x Glade Aerosols $2.00ea – $2 coupon = $0.99ea (PM from Metro)
2 x Smart 16 bread $2.29ea – $2 coupon = $0.29ea (PM from Price Chopper)

Total before coupons: $49.80
OOP: $13.29

After Walmart we headed just up the road to Rexall. I really wanted to get some of the Cottonelle toliet paper. So we went and grabbed our 2 packages of Cottonelle and decided to wonder around a bit and see if there were any good deals. As we were walking up and down the rows I spotted a tear pad coupon for $1 off any Lever 2000 product. Right behind that coupon display were Lever 2000 Original soaps 4 pack that were discounted from regular $5.99 to $2.96. So I grabbed a coupon and a pack of soap and carried on! Just a second later we spotted the Old Spice body wash that was on sale this week. I had totally forgotten about them when I was making my shopping list but glad we spotted them. Ryan really likes that body wash so I thought it would be a good time to use the $3 wub2 coupon. So we picked up 2 of them. As we were walking through the isles I noticed something that made me smile! A fellow couponer was passing on the savings and had left a coupon next to the appropriate product. I sure hope someone is able to make good use of that coupon. I wonder, was one of you spreading the SaveaLoonie movement?

So at Rexall here is what we picked up:

2 x Cottonelle toliet paper $5.99ea – $3 coupon = $2.99ea
2 x Old Spice body wash $2.99ea – $3 wub2 coupon = $1.49ea
1 x Lever 2000 bar soap $2.96 – $1 coupon = $1.96

Total before coupons: $23.64
OOP: $13.64

Just thought I would show you all the few coupons we found today while we were in Rexall. Of course we got the Lever 2000 coupon, but there was also a peelie coupon for $2 any Playtex Gentle Glide tampons 18 or 36ct. There was also a $5 off ColdSore FX with contest information attached to the coupon. Hope you’re able to find these ones too!

When we got home, we opened a pack of the Purex sheets as I am going to put in a load of laundry as soon as I’m done writing this. But anyways, inside the wrapping and stuck to the back side of the Purex sheets were 2 coupons! One for $1 off wub2 Purex Sheets and the other for $0.50 off one Soft Scrub Total Kitchen or Bath & Bowl product! What a bonus. Was not expecting to find those at all! UPDATE: Thanks Jenny from Facebook for pointing out that these are American coupons. I got so excited when I found them I forgot to read the fine print LOL

For todays shopping trip, here are the final numbers!

Total before coupons: $96.01
OOP: $43.85

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