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June 3, 2022

Did you know you can earn cashback with

For over 10 years, has been supplying coupons to Canadians to help them save money on their grocery bills. In fact, over the last decade has distributed over 100 MILLION coupons through their various methods.

We are all familiar with webSaver’s print and mail to home coupon options. Some might even know about digital but did you know they also offer cashback coupons?

It’s true – and it’s so easy! You’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

You’re probably asking, what makes’s cashback program different from some of the others that are already installed on your phone.

What Makes webSaver Cashback Coupons Different?

Firstly, there is NO APP to download. You don’t even need a cell phone! The whole process is done right through the webSaver website. You don’t even need to make a new account. You can use your existing login details to start earning.

Because there is no app involved, there is no pesky barcode scanning for verification or need for multiple photos for longer receipts. webSaver’s technology can read all of the information they need, from 1 photo, no matter how tiny it may look to you!’s Cashback Coupons are not limited to the current week only. As long as your receipt is from within 30 days of you redeeming your offer, you are able to claim your cashback. No more rushing to get receipts uploaded in the final hour!

And finally, perhaps the biggest difference of all – NO CASH OUT LIMITS! That’s right, you can claim $1 and your $1 is sent to your PayPal account. webSaver believes you haven’t actually saved until the money is back in your hands, so they’ve opted for no minimums for cash out, when you use the PayPal option. Interac transfers are also available with a minimum $10 balance.

How It Works

Choose your retailer and load offers to your wallet
Upload your receipt
Get paid through Interac or PayPal
  1. Select the retailer you are planning to or have already shopped at and browse the list of available offers. Available cash back offers may vary by retailer.
  2. Load your offers to your Wallet
  3. Upload a SINGLE photo of your receipt. If your receipt is long, take the photo from as far away as need to get the entire receipt in the shot.
  4. Most receipts will receive instant approval and the money will be added to your account balance.
  5. Get paid automatically through Interac or PayPal


Other Things To Know

  • You can choose 1 of 2 Cash Out options in your Profile, Interac transfer or Paypal. Paypal requires no minimum balance and are automatically paid out every Tuesday. Interac transfers require a minimum $10 balance and are paid instantly. There is never a need to request a cash out – it happens automatically.
  • webSaver is working on integrating their Partner Portals to offer Cashback Coupons in addition to mail & print options. Currently, you can load Kellogg’s Coupons and Tasty Rewards Coupons as Cashback offers through their respective webSaver portal pages.


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June 3, 2022
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