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March 25, 2020

Follow a COVID-19 Cleaning Schedule to keep your family safe and home spotless during quarantine or self-isolation.

Like most Canadians, we are spending more time indoors and around the house due to social/physical distancing.

When you spend more time at home (especially if you have kiddos running around), things can get a little chaotic quicker than usual.

Get a handle on your housework with a daily cleaning schedule. This COVID-19 Quarantine Cleaning Schedule will help keep your family safe from the virus, and your home squeaky clean.

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Everday Chores

  • Wipe all door knobs & locks
  • Clean & disinfect light switches
  • Clean & disinfect remote controls, cell phones, tablets etc.
  • Clean kitchen counter, do dishes
  • Sweep/Vacuum floors as needed

Monday (Bathroom)

  • Clean sink, counter, faucet, mirror
  • Clean tub/shower
  • Clean toilet
  • Sweep floors
  • Wipe walls & baseboards, light fixtures
  • Tidy cabinets, restock toiletries
  • LAUNDRY: Towels

Tuesday (Bedroom)

  • Change bed sheets
  • Dust & polish furniture
  • Vacuum / sweep floors
  • Pick up / put away clothes, toys, etc
  • Wipe light fixture
  • Wipe walls, frames & baseboards
  • LAUNDRY: Sheets

Wednesday (Kitchen)

  • Disinfect counters & sinks
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Wipe & tidy cabinets
  • Clean table & chairs
  • Sweep & Mop Floors
  • Wipe light fixtures, appliances, walls
  • LAUNDRY: Colours

Thursday (Living Room)

  • 10 Minute Declutter
  • Sweep/Vacuum/Mop floors
  • Wipe walls, baseboards, light fixtures & lamps
  • Dust & polish furniture
  • Wipe / Vacuum couches
  • Wash windows
  • LAUNDRY: Darks

Friday (Halls, Stairs, Office)

  • Vacuum/Sweep stairs & halls
  • Wipe walls & baseboards
  • Empty & wipe down trash cans
  • Sort Mail & Pay Bills
  • Straighten & Declutter closets & shelves
  • LAUNDRY: Whites

Weekends (Outdoors)

  • Clean out car
  • Tidy up garage
  • Sweep steps/ deck / patio
  • Yard Work
  • General tidy up inside
  • LAUNDRY: Extras

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March 25, 2020

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